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Paris Jackson

Doing Better BUT

Not Out of Woods By Long Shot

11/26/2013 11:46 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Jackson is doing better as she remains ensconced in a Utah boarding school ... but we're told she's riddled with so many problems she could be there "for years."

We've learned Paris had a family therapy session this morning with Debbie Rowe and Katherine Jackson.  We're told Debbie and Katherine were on the phone, while Paris was with her therapist at the facility.

Sources say Paris may get a pass to come home for a few days in January, and Katherine is redoing Paris' room for the homecoming.

But the homecoming will be short-lived.  Our sources say the boarding school will be home for a long time, very possibly "years."



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Reporting on the mental health issues of a teenager is way out of line. The fact that she already has problems is not being helped by you publicly humiliating her. My heart breaks for her and her brothers and the fact that they have already been through hell, they need to just be left alone. The fact that you guys even have this information is a violation of the HIPPA law. So whoever leaked it should be ashamed of themselves. Let these kids live their lives in peace.I am sure you would not want your children (if you have them) begin humiliated like this.

328 days ago


I can't get over the uncanny resemblance to Michael

328 days ago


And THIS, Americans - more than anything else and everything else put together - is why you are considered to be the western world bottom feeder, the lowest common denominator, and sure as hell a joke for your "but we're the world's super power" ideas that seem to be persisting 30 years after that stopped being true.

NO other country in the world - western, middle east, third world - NO ONE but you thinks it's OK to publish stories about minors.

NO other country in the WORLD does that. But you think it's ok, you think kids are fair game, for some reason.

So I hope you are getting comfy in your position at the bottom of the pecking order, cos that's sure as hell the only place your contribution will ever be welcomed.

TMZ and its ilk is all you deserve, good thing that's all you expect. But don't expect anyone else to take you seriously, those days are LONG gone, bottom feeders.

327 days ago


I don't care what they say, this girl, Paris Jackson, cannot possibly be the progeny of the late Michael Jackson. She is obviously the product of Caucausian parents. Jackson had used the whole "marriage" and child rearing episode to cover up his homosexuality and pedophilia. And I can recall one of his sisters stating that he would "never" have had sex with a woman.....any woman......that he "just wouldn't ever do that."

327 days ago


This girl looks nothing like Michael Jackson. I cant believe he is her natural Father.

327 days ago

Red Sam Rackham    

Let's just hope that she grows up to lead a normal productive life and doesn't end up suicidal like the son of Dana Plato.

327 days ago

Gordon DeLorm    

Living with that wack job father would mess up any normal person. I feel bad for her, probably the best thing would be to distance herself from that whole so called family.

327 days ago


Maybe she came to the realization that pedophile jackson is not really her daddy

327 days ago

Ty Truong-Jones    

She's cute & Paris is such a cute name.

327 days ago


So sad such a pretty girl,she has to get away from the wolves and life will change for the better.

327 days ago


What do you think she has problems. Her mother stayed out of her life because she was afraid she would lose pay off money. A father who covered her face with a vail when she went out. Home schooled her so no contact with other children. Know she is thrown into the limelight. Her family is always sueing someone and bring her and her brothers into the spotlight. Leave her alone and let her heal. Let her have a normal life.

327 days ago


Poor girl, never stood a chance

327 days ago


Bording school? I feel sorry for this kid not having a real family with a real mom. There are dogs and cats who have a more loving family than Paris. If she ever wants to bust out, I'd help her. Not about the money. She is being institutionalized to the max. Prison for rich girls. So sad!

327 days ago

Rhonda McEntire, LMHC    

It is no wonder! This young lady has been through so much!! It just goes to show that money doesn't buy everything. What has been taken from this girl cannot be returned and I don't just mean the passing of her father. I mean the ways her father tried to protect her are gone and she was thrust into the lime light at the worst possible time. I doubt anyone understands her least of all Paris herself.
I would love to work with you Paris. No Charge. Some things are just not about fame or money.

327 days ago


For years? Is this a boarding school or mental facility?What about when she becomes of legal age? I think the courts should protect her from her dysfunctional, greedy family.

327 days ago
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