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Michael Jackson Estate

Rips Conrad Murray Over Penis-Holding Claims

You're a Shameful Coward

11/28/2013 10:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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The Michael Jackson Estate has had just about enough of Dr. Conrad Murray running his mouth -- talking about things like how he used to hold MJ's penis every night -- and now it's demanding he shut up once and for all ... or face a lawsuit.

MJ Estate lawyer Howard Weitzman fired off a cease and desist letter to Murray earlier this week, writing, "Your recent comments to the media about Mr. Jackson’s medical treatment and ultimate death shamefully violate the physician-patient privilege under California law."

He calls Murray a COWARD for attempting to use the media to defend himself ... instead of testifying in court during his manslaughter trial.

If Murray keeps talking, Weitzman says the Estate will file suit -- and will subsequently inform any medical board with which Murray attempts to obtain his medical license that he violates the doctor-patient privilege willy-nilly.

As we reported, Murray has been blabbing his big mouth all over the place ... telling reporters all sorts of sordid details about MJ, like how the singer couldn't hold in his pee while he was sleeping ... and how he held MJ's penis every night.


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He's no longer a Doctor, so Piss Off.
Even if he Was, there is NO slander when someone is DEAD.
He can say whatever the hell he wants, and why not?
He has just as much RIGHT to speak his mind as anyone else.

You may not like it.... but it's still someone else opinion or description of events.

Who's gonna smell Murry's finger first?

326 days ago


Hey, Estate sc u m bag lawyers, Dear morons:

If you want to shut somebody up, do what MJ did, pay him $25 millions for silence money. You know honey catches more flies than threats. While you are paying, don't forget to settle with Wade as well.........Morons!!! That's what MJ would have liked you to do, so he can have an earlier release form hell and redeem his soul.

Our dear doctor is only doing what he is sent here to do, educating people don't get involved with drugs, don't be an addict, or you would just suffer like MJ did, a sordid death and died a shameful embarrassing death. We all know that he was incontinent, otherwise, why would he lied in piss soaked bed. So there was nothing new here. Given the state of mind, I would be surprised if MJ could find his penis. So there was no surprised that he needed the doctor to hold it while inserting it into a condom, and then possibly taped it tight with a duck tape. How else would it stay. Use your common sens!!!


326 days ago

She's baaaack    

The Jacksons couldn't care less what Murray says about Michael. The Jacksons hope he continues to do so so they can sue and have another chance at the jackpot.

326 days ago


Oh get real!!! If you think that will shut him up, you are very wrong. Okay, even if he is to respect the doctor/patient confidentiality, he can talk about something else besides his health condition. Let's talk about what MJ confided to him as a dear "friend", about his child molesting past, that he was a child molester who bought his way out of prison, that he was the biggest liar, manipulator that used the name of love and charity for his own fame whoring benefits. MJ's health condition is not the only dirt here, besides peeing his bed, MJ had many more bigger and darker secrets and skeletons in his closet, and boy child semen stains!!!

326 days ago


I think the people in the MJ estate need to drink some jesus juice and calm down.

326 days ago

Just My Opinion    


326 days ago


The historical reason for allowing claims for slander and libel is to protect the person's reputation and thus his or her ability to earn a living and enjoy the benefits of good standing in the community. Once the person is dead, those concerns go away. In some states, even if the person who was defamed sued for libel or slander and died before the case went to judgment, the action would be dismissed.

True, there is the possibility of damage to the reputation of the deceased, and that could harm the estate of the deceased. For example, if someone defames an author who died, that author's works may not sell as well in the future and thus the royalties the estate stands to earn would be reduced.

Some states do permit suits for libel or slander to be brought on behalf of the estate of a deceased person in some cir***stances. The definition of libel in Texas includes written words that "tend to blacken the memory of the dead." In Rhode Island there is a right of action if the deceased person was slandered or libelled in an obituary in any newspaper or on any radio or television station within three (3) months of his or her date of death. Many states, including California, will allow personal injury suits (libel and slander are considered personal injuries) filed by a living plaintiff to continue on and be passed to the plaintiff's successor in interest or personal representative upon the plaintiff's death. The plaintiff's estate may then recover if the lawsuit is successful.

326 days ago


Hey, stupid. If what is being talked about is the truth, then there is no libel, no slander. Did Hitler Estate sue anybody???
Moron rabid fan! If you want to sue anybody, you need to prove that it is false, not fact. The fact is MJ did soaked his bed, the fact is MJ did molested little boys. He was not convicted, does not mean he did not do it. Ask OJ, he would tell you how you can beat the court and fool the jury!!!

326 days ago


Definition of a MORON.

Someone who REPEATEDLY double posts.

LoL, LoL, LoL...

326 days ago


Don't cry for Paris. If she wants people to feel sorry for her, she will have to come out with the truth, telling people that MJ was not her bio father, and stop trying to ride on MJ's coat tail to get an acting career out of it.

BTW, Paris nose is a big too big for her nose too, is she going to cut it smaller? Has she learnt the lesson from MJ???

Don't cry for MJ, it is cosmic justice working. Anything bad being disclosed, is a long time coming, just like his drug habbit, if you think that he would live long with it and Doctor Murray was the only reason that he died, then you are very very delusional!!!

326 days ago


THANK YOU Mr. Weitzman, Mr. Branca & Mr. McClain for silencing Murray from his revengeful vendetta.

326 days ago


Sorry "MJ State". The only shameful coward was MJ himself. Any man that could sit there and molest all those little boys over the years is nothing more than piece of trash. MJ was shameful and the fact that you people continue to defend a pedophile makes you shameful!

326 days ago


i am sure he was not the only male who held mj's pee pee, but i am sure he was prolly the only one over 18!

326 days ago

al baby    

If the Jackson brothers had any real balls they would OFF THE DUDE

326 days ago


As Weitzman well knows, confidentiality dies with the patient/client. Otherwise we wouldn't have all the insights about celebretard deaths provided by the likes of Dr Thomas Nagouchi "blabbing his big mouth all over the place." Idioots.

326 days ago
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