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Suge Knight

Pulled Over By Cops

Guns Drawn

11/29/2013 6:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1129_suge_knight_article_tmzCrazy photo of Suge Knight assuming the position -- LAPD officers pulled him over Friday afternoon ... with guns out, but we're told it was all a case of mistaken identity.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, police had received a report of an assault, and the suspect matched Suge's description -- so when officers spotted Suge in his vehicle ... they pulled him over, and jumped out of their patrol car with their guns drawn.

We're told Suge agreed to go to the police station, where he explained he wasn't the man they were looking for ... in fact, police now believe the initial report of an assault was bogus.

Suge was eventually released ... but sources close to the hip hop mogul tell TMZ, he is extremely pissed about the misunderstanding -- and is considering filing a lawsuit.


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Who does he plan to sue? He can't blame the police. Maybe this is the new way those idiots are messing with people. Instead of calling in a crime at a house of a famous person give their description and let the police do this. If the idiot is caught he can always sue them but he probably won't get anything.

291 days ago


Builds an empire on gangster rap and gets pissed for being mistaken for a gangster.

Yeah, okay Suge.

291 days ago


DWS ... lol

291 days ago


Why didn't the POS make a false move towards his pockets? Damn! That video I'd watch on a loop.

291 days ago


LOL, everyone always wants to sue. He fit the description and agreed to go to the station;he was than released. Where's the lawsuit?

291 days ago

Stephen Park    

mistaken identity hahaha a big fat bl**k man with beard or mistaken for someone with talent hahahaha trust him to want to sue, hope he does, and LOSES

291 days ago


he makes a live-ing off of music about this situation butt when it happens to him in real life he crys like a baby.
so much for gasnta rapp, bunch of wuss -es.

291 days ago


I lived there once and Suge is being harrassed. I am just a white midwestern mom but it looks like vendetta on Suge. Bieber too. What's the deal?

291 days ago


He should file a lawsuit against the city. I know he's no angel but random discrimination has to stop. It has to be annoying to be pulled over constantly for no damn good reason. I would've definitely sued!!!!!!!!!!

291 days ago


Smart guy to cooperate, even being innocent. Don't run, don't get shot. The cops say "do it", just DO IT.

291 days ago


Hate to say it, I am white and even I will admit, this would not have happened the way it did if the suspect was white.

291 days ago


Holy $hit! What's with those gas prices?

290 days ago

Hot Chocolate    

Suge chill with the lawsuit. People can use a mistaken identity to get you killed and make it look like a justified mistake. Sometime the police are helping you. I've stared down the barrel of a police weapon before. Don't worry about . You juts keep your big ass out of harms way. You're a survivor. You'll get another break to tell your story and make some music but you gotta chill with the aggression and show people you can manage a scene without drama, even as I know
you have violent haters pressing buttons.

The po pos can protect you if you play the game right.

Stop worrying about those haters.

If it's not self defense walk your ass away.

Stop saying so much in words and let your actions speak your game.

I know you've been through hell. You'll be alright. You were born built for it. No excuses big dog. I'll be all in your grill about it.

Y'all give Suge some security out there. Suge every time a police office is talking to you or around you is not to harm you homeboy. And take it easy on the intake of that chronic. You gotta keep a level head about things. Do overdo things. Now is your chance to show the real Suge that nobody knows.

Remember, for every ****ed up po po, there's ten good ones.

I would advise you to avoid letting people make you appear to be a bully because you are big. They did that to you your whole life. Now you know.

Haters come in all sizes, genders and colors. Don't worry about it.

You should pray about the parts you did wrong. Once you do that things will get more easy to deal with.

What's good in the hood?

290 days ago

Yurra Knutz    

They should arrest the station owner for trying to stick-up the public with those whack gas prices... DAGNABBIT!

290 days ago

Politico Pablo    

Sounds like a setup. Someone calls PD alleging an assault with his discription-police shoot him for you. Nice

290 days ago
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