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Charlie Sheen

Gets Offer on Brooke's House ...

But Could Cost Him $2 MILLION

11/30/2013 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
is one step closer to kicking Brooke Mueller's ass out of the house he bought for her -- TMZ has learned a real estate firm wants to buy the pad, but at such a discount ... Charlie would have to be desperate. Oh wait, he is.

TMZ obtained a copy of the letter Dginger Group fired off to Sheen's people offering $2,599,000 for the house ... along with a guarantee to close the deal in less than 7 days.

As we previously reported ... Sheen told Brooke he wants her out NOW, and even sent her a letter saying he's aggressively trying to sell the place.

But here's the rub -- Charlie bought the house for around $4.8 mil ... which means he'd be taking a massive $2.2 million bath if he accepts the current offer.

Our sources say Sheen's willing to sell at a reduced rate, but this might be pushing it.

Question is: how badly, and how quickly, do you want Brooke gone, Charlie?


No Avatar


He doesn't need the $$$$$
But I don't think he'll go that low!!
But then again```
We're talking ``` Charlie Sheen here!!!!
#winning #warlock

328 days ago


we charlie . thats a good offer but mr charlie will have a counter offer to the guy is a very smart man and he will not take a low offer . he can but wont . hes into makeing money hes a cash machine .. go charlie go

328 days ago


Actually, the question really is, why does Charlie want to sell the house that his kids live in? What an ahole.

Does he not know that house is where they are living with her?

328 days ago


Sort of a low ball offer. It's the equivalent of losing 2weeks salary of 2 and a half men. He wouldn't be winning.

328 days ago


They are taking advantage of the desperation which TMZ illustrated about him passionately wanting to put Brooke out, even at a loss...but losing nearly half the amount he listed the house at is an insulting offer. The firm can obviously afford to go higher than that offer. I know they start low for negotiating, but that kind of offer would piss me off if I were Charlie. He already sent her an eviction he doesn't have to rush to sell it to the first crappy offer. He won't take that offer, I can bet on that. He shouldn't sell for a penny less than 4 Mil

328 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Charlie, stop worrying about fuqueing up the lives of your twins for a while and worry about this instead:
Anger Management had a whopping 684,000 people watching Thursday night.

328 days ago


Charlie Sheen is one step Closer to Kicking his Kids out of their House!!!!!!!!!

328 days ago


What's your next move Charlie?
How much are you willing to pay to make sure nobody takes care of your twins?
Are you secretly going to offer Denise 10 million for her to say'' Yes Charlie, I will raise your boys''?
It's all about money isn't it?
And Charlie controls everybody with it.
Charlie is such a master of manipulation, yet it's really hard to manipulate a couple of headstrong little boys, so you don't want to take care of them yourself. Isn't that right Charlie?

328 days ago

S. James    

This is the guy that created twin sons with Brooke Mueller. Since he wants to kick Brooke, her brother and his own children out of the house, I have less and less respect for Charlie Sheen.
Too bad he is so vindictive. He certainly picked his poison against his own sons.

328 days ago


Oh yeah? Then the new owner rents it back to Brooke! LOL

328 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Charlie is rich, but I doubt he is rich enough to accept a loss that big. Time will tell.

328 days ago


Throw her out and keep the house.

328 days ago


Yep, his actions are entirely fueled by the spite in his soul and of course his pervasive narcissism. His kids have little chance. Sad.

328 days ago



328 days ago


No way should Charlie give away his house to a bunch of rich vultures. Even if Charlie does have a lot of money, he still had to work for it and he should sell the house for what it's worth.

328 days ago
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