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Michael Lohan

Asks Judge to BAN Dina's Book

11/30/2013 12:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan
wants 2 things to burn in hell ... Dina Lohan and her book ... a book he wants stopped.

Michael was contacted by Birdstreet Books this week, informing him Dina had written a tell-all and he was a featured player.  It seems Birdstreet wanted Michael to sign off, but not so fast -- Michael said he wants to see what she wrote ... line for line.

And Mr. Lohan reminded the publishing house ... he and Dina are under a gag order, and that applies to books, so she can't legally write trash about him.

Michael is as certain as certain can be ... Dina's not writing a love letter to him in the book, and unless he sees the draft and signs off, he'll go to court to stop it in its tracks.


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Its Nikki Bitches    

Do you think Douche Bag Daddy is afraid, Dina will tell of his cocaine runs to Queens he would do for Dina when she was pregnant with "The Junkie"?

Oh wait, Lohans never tell the truth, never mind

328 days ago


Wonder if Dina's joke book NY Times #1 best seller will co-inside with Lindsay's docu-joke ratings bonanza? Too funny.

328 days ago



Dina Lohan: My Journey [Hardcover]
Dina Lohan (Author)
List Price: CDN$ 25.95
Sale Price: CDN$ 17.24

Book Description
Publication Date: Feb. 4 2014
Hardcover: 256 pages

My Journey is a story of ****tered dreams, triumph over adversity, and ultimately, of the love Dina has always shared with and for her four children. Dina offers an inside and very raw glimpse into the reality of her family's chaotic life lived under the constant prying eyes of a headline-hungry society.

She covers it all, from the first glimmer of Lindsay’s stardom on the set of The Parent Trap with her younger children in tow, to the recent court dates and trips to and from rehab. Dina takes readers behind the scenes into the most intimate moments of the Lohans’ lives, making this book the ultimate catharsis for a mom who says she is her children’s advocate, their fierce protector, and their number one fan, whether on the red carpet or in the front row at a soccer game. This is Dina Lohan’s journey, as only she can tell it.

328 days ago


Hey guys, does anyone know if Lohan got an advance for this garbarge?

328 days ago


Someone needs to shove that gag ball back in Volcanos' mouth, NOW!!

328 days ago


There is NOTHING better than seeing these two bottom feeders haggle over a nickle.

328 days ago

pattycakes not to be confused with pattycake    

Hope all my friends had a good Thanksgiving. Gotta get dressed and go to work. LOVING MY JOB!!!! Have a great day!

328 days ago


DUIna thought Orcah put her under a "GACK order", so she grifted some grams and just retitled her failed book "A Parent Gacked". Daddy Loudmouth already made more loot from this thread that DUIna will from that comic book.

guzzleguzzleguzzle gackgackgack guzzleguzzlegack...

328 days ago


Birdbrain Books has an impressive SEVEN titles to its credit, including "You're Perfect: and other lies parents tell". Must be quite the market for budget fiction. I bet DUIna's literary masterpiece is 90% pictures of her and Linds doing oral on each other in a nightclub while a 10-year-old Hobie gets them more drinks.

328 days ago


Not only is Dr. Phil's son the owner of Bird Street Books - he just started it in mid-2012. Dina has been unsuccessfully peddling her book since 2011. I wondered if it's a vanity press (one where the author pays), but couldn't tell from the book babble in the About Us section of the website. He might have taken on Dina's trash for the publicity value, though. Notice the name of his company gets mentioned whenever anybody reports on the little problem of violating a gag order if she writes about Michael- so even if the book never gets published, he's getting free advertising. Very short list of books- the only likely big seller was by his dad, who has a built-in fan base. The others all looked destined to start out in grocery store bargain bins and go down from there.

327 days ago


Hate to say it, but I wouldn't be shocked if the book does really well But that's only because Americans LOVE to read about and view train wrecks . I mean look at how well Brandi Glanvile's book did. And it's not like she hadn't spewed the ugly garbage of her divorce prior to it. People just love reading that trash so they can feel their life is better than that...

327 days ago


Here's About the Author from Amazon's pre-order page:
Perhaps best known as mom to Lindsay, Dina Lohan has a story to tell and, as one might imagine, it is anything but ordinary. She grew up dreaming of one day becoming a famous singer and dancer, but in 1985, her life veered in a dramatic new direction when she married Wall Street trader Michael Lohan. Despite their rollercoaster relationship and very public divorce, Dina says she has no regrets, as their four children, Lindsay, Michael, Aliana and Dakota, are the center of her world. Chased by the paparazzi and splashed across the pages of gossip magazines on a regular basis, in stories she says are often exaggerated or even fabricated, Dina is finally ready to reveal the truth behind the tabloids and candidly share why she believes society completely misunderstands her.
Poor misunderstood Dina. I see a 99 cent Kindle special in her future. Or maybe the free for a day...

327 days ago


Hey DUIna...... if you hate Daddy Loudmouth Lohan so much, why didn't you revert to "Sullivan" when he dumped you?

Oh yeah..... the publicity, of course. Drunken hypocrite.

327 days ago


".. Dina is finally ready to reveal the truth behind the tabloids and candidly share why she believes society completely misunderstands her."

FFS, DWIna had that chance in the Dr. Phil interview, where she would have reached a much wider audience than her lamebrain book will...and she used that opportunity to show herself as the drunken, gacked up grifter that she is.

327 days ago


Don't worry Mr. Lindsay, I doubt anyone will by a trash book from a trash person any way.

327 days ago
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