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Paul Walker

How He Ended Up in Death Car

12/1/2013 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker may not have ever gotten into the car that took him to his death if it hadn't been acting up moments before the crash ... TMZ has learned.

Paul showed up Saturday for a fundraiser at Always Evolving -- Roger Rodas' high end auto shop that specializes in exotic cars. Paul had a stake in the shop.

Sources connected to Roger tell TMZ when Paul arrived ... Roger was watching one of his employees try in vain to back the Carrera GT into the shop, but it kept stalling. Roger decided to take matters into his own hands ... told the worker to get out and took the wheel himself.

As Roger began to back into the garage ... Paul came up and said he hadn't driven in the Porsche yet -- so he jumped in the passenger seat and they took a 20 minute drive.

The fatal accident happened on the way back from that drive -- just 500 yards from the shop.

Paul's best friend from childhood, Nute, grabbed a fire extinguisher and was among the first to arrive on scene. We're told Nute frantically tried to extinguish the flames ... even though it appeared to him both men were already dead.

When the fire dept arrived they tried to pull Nute away, but he was overwrought and punched a firefighter. We're told Sheriff's deputies put Nute -- and several other of Paul and Roger's friends -- in custody, but let them go when they realized the circumstances.


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my 2 cents    

I am sure that there are security cameras up and down that road, that will give more clues as to what happened. That and all the other test results.

328 days ago


speed kills.if the car was having wasnt smart to be speeding in it.looking at the wreckage it is clear they were moving pretty fast

328 days ago


Were there skid marks? I guess maybe a race car driver would know not to apply brakes in a situation so maybe that's why - but maybe the brakes failed?

328 days ago


Ok TMZ. You guys have pretty much exploited every angle and cir***stance of this sad story. Time to give the family and friends a little respect and privacy. No need to tell us next what they had for lunch before the accident. And certainly no need to speculate and add dramatic details to a relatively simple and tragic accident.

328 days ago


Really TMZ? How is this helpful?

328 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

fuq you tmz. you licking your chops already, panting, waiting eagerly for the next 'violent sudden shocking death' to blow up clicks on your page ? can't hurt, right? a couple brutal and violent deaths per year bring in some great advertising revenue, don't they? keep up the great work, tmz. momma needs a new pair of shoes... and oh yeah, rent is probly due.

328 days ago


I find it truly sad that ONLY the actor is mentioned in all news reports of this tragedy, TWO people died, but all the condolences go to only the known actor? Have some compassion for Roger Rojas and his family and say a few nice words for him too. Never heard of Paul before this, but now hearing what a great guy he was, am sure his pal Roger was a cool dude too, RIP Roger and Paul.

328 days ago


Sucks to be this guy, Walker, but his friend was a damned douchebag who killed them both. It's a good thing that the idiot didn't kill any innocent people. Drive like a douche, die like the douche you were, this case, a crispy douche. Talking about this Roger Rodas character here.

328 days ago


He sounded like a good guy. The fact I never saw him on tmz indicates he was. Was the driver doing anything illegal to cause the accident e.g. speeding, driving recklessly? Was Walker the type of guy who obeyed all traffic regulations?

328 days ago


I'm not saying he was until the accident report comes out but let's say the driver was driving recklessly and the violation was a misdemeanor. It seems obvious Walker condoned this. I that case it's a conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor which is a felony.

328 days ago


In my jurisdiction the firefighters don't give away free punches. The distraught friend or whatever would still get a ticket.

328 days ago


Somebody might want to check out the maintenance record of that Porsche......just saying....might not be an accident......just wondering....

328 days ago

Clyde T.M. Nestra    

Hard to imagine what a horror it was for the friends trying to extinguish the flames. Sympathy to all who were impacted by this accident.

328 days ago


guess that god that he was so sure of decided his number was UP. Hard to have sympathy for someone who chose to drive in an unsafe manner, endangering EVERYONE around them.

328 days ago

Fat Jesus    

Paul Walker and his friend are dead, despite what many of you may think about the quality of Paul's films, at least have show some respect for the good he tried to do while on this Earth. Unlike a lot of celebrity's today, Paul Walker tried to make a difference in this world because of his celebrity status.

It's sad that terrible people like the Kardashians, Lohan's and Kanye West's of this world continue to exist and good men like Paul Walker die young.

328 days ago
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