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Paul Walker Crash

The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno


12/2/2013 6:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The high speed crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas caused a huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles ... and it was all recorded on a security camera that captured the precise moment of impact.

The footage was recorded from a rooftop camera in an industrial park next to the crash site. It shows the initial collision (on the right of the screen) which caused the Porsche to explode in flames ... moments before another, larger blast sends a fireball high into the sky.

What's also interesting -- there appears to be no other cars either immediately in front of or behind the Porsche at the time of the crash.

As we reported, police were investigating whether Rodas had been involved in a high-speed street race before the accident.


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John Candy never had it this good on Celebrity Blow-up.

332 days ago


sure. you gotta proof you got the money to buy the sec tape and show this to us. weird world. :/

332 days ago


R.I.P. means to let the person rest in peace, so then why wont tmz let him rest in peace.. shame on you tmz

332 days ago


Couldn't really see the car at all during the "initial" crash or explosion.

332 days ago


i'm never getting a porsche. a car shouldn't explode like that if it hits a pole, even if you're going 100

332 days ago


a RED Fire truck right at end of clip just drives by.. on still pic of posting above the red fire truck is on left of didnt stop??

332 days ago


Which Studio has the most to gain from the ending of the FaF franchise? This has Ray Dinovan's fungerprints all over it

332 days ago


We like the cars ...
The cars that go boom !
We're Tigre and bunny and we like the boom !

332 days ago

Amy Gill    

Cops need to check that blue car that pulls up and skids into a parked position. That is not a normal driver. That driver clearly knows how to drift and doesn't drive like a normal person and just so happened to pull up seconds after the initial impact and explosion. The blue car was racing them I bet and got left in the dust and that's why it didn't come up sooner. Why has no one else figured this out and questioned the guy in the blue car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????????

332 days ago


I think the driver & Paul Walker were murdered. The car they were driving is AWD, driven & engineered by a professional, they knew what they were doing. Who ever the second car was that they were racing probably side swipped them, forcing them into what ever they hit...

332 days ago


at such a high rate of speed, it is a miracle they didnt kill innocent people along the way. i am sorry for the loss of life, but traveling 100MPR in a 45MPR zone is asking for trouble.

332 days ago


What is wrong with you people?! Having internet access doesn't give you permission to be sh*tty human beings with no compassion. Two families woke up without their fathers today. There's nothing funny about that.

332 days ago


it's a weird video. but let's take the pill here. you have a photo of that traffic observer thing next to the scene? is that a radar trap? i dunno it looks weird. and confidential tho is who's the driver.

*yo* gotta teach you.

332 days ago


I just saw the street level "Google Earth" pictures of the roads where the wreck happened in Valencia, CA. It's on Hercules St. near Kelly Johnson Pkwy. It's a big, fat, well paved four lane road that looks nearly as wide as a racetrack. It's no wonder this circular set of streets was popular with people wanting to drive fast and race their cars.

It's gotta be just pure speed that killed them. Maybe mechanical failure. Who knows maybe somebody's loud freakin cell phone went off right as they were going into a turn or something and it freaked the driver out. Maybe they were drinking and had the music cranked up.

Either way, it looks obvious that the driver totally screwed up and underestimated how sharp one of the turns is for the speed he was going. Most people drive SLOW around an area a few times before they go back and try to do it fast. The driver apparently didn't do that. Paul Walker is dead now because of it. What a waste.

332 days ago


Warm leatherette,
See the breaking glass,
Beneath the underpass.
Warm leatherette,
Feel the crushing steel,
Feel the steering wheel.
Warm leatherette melts,
On your burning flesh,
You can see your reflection,
On the luminescent dash.
A tear of petrol,
Is in your eye,
Quick let's make love,
Before we die.
On warm leatherette,
Join the carcrash set!

332 days ago
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