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Paul Walker Crash

The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno


12/2/2013 6:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The high speed crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas caused a huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles ... and it was all recorded on a security camera that captured the precise moment of impact.

The footage was recorded from a rooftop camera in an industrial park next to the crash site. It shows the initial collision (on the right of the screen) which caused the Porsche to explode in flames ... moments before another, larger blast sends a fireball high into the sky.

What's also interesting -- there appears to be no other cars either immediately in front of or behind the Porsche at the time of the crash.

As we reported, police were investigating whether Rodas had been involved in a high-speed street race before the accident.


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Okay, seriously it's enough already with all these meaningless updates TMZ. We know what happened - a very sad, unfortunate tragedy. No need to keep adding to the sadness - What if this happened to your father or your family? Again, enough already.

332 days ago


I cannot believe the heartless idiots on this think it is funny that someone did in this manner shows your level of humanity..and this is exactly what is wrong with this world...a bunch of soul less idiots walking the earth...

332 days ago



332 days ago


Clowns, they got what they deserve. No simphaty..

332 days ago


I was a little surprised to see the small size of the tree trunk. I assumed they hit something large since the car burst into flames. Disturbing photo. Tragic.

332 days ago


I'd say that they may have been racing another car and that car is the blue one that appears to the left on the video, just as the video starts. In another video you can see a blue car pull over right ahead of where the crash happened and the occupants get out and run back. They say they dont see a car either just before or after the crash but if they were indeed racing they very likely blew away from the other car quickly and then crashed and the other car then catches up and pulls over just a head of the crash.

332 days ago


We all watch natural disasters happen on TV and the carnage that it brings to people. This was an unfortunate accident, not a murder.

If you dont like it or are offended by it then dont click to come here.

332 days ago


I guarantee, there is better video of this out there..this wasn't the only camera trained on the area at the time...That boulevard is covered by security cameras and you know the cops are pouring over all of it. If it wasn't racing, it was just some other STUPID antic that cost them. Professional driver? Not a chance. A pro would never have taken that car out on a public street. A moron with a drivers license maybe, but never a professional driver. Stewart, Johnson, Gordon, Foyt, Petty...not one of those VERY professional drivers would have been caught dead in that car, on that street, doing what these guys were doing. Screwin' around with a performance car on a public street. These two guys? Yeah, got caught dead in it....

331 days ago


The car sliding to a stop 4-5 sec behind appeared to be moving pretty fast . If they were not involved, they had to have seen what was going on before the wreck.

331 days ago


These American **** holes deserve this. Everything happens best for them only in the movies. In real life they are ****.

331 days ago


That was an awfully busy street to be going so fast on, good thing the driver didn't kill anyone but his passenger.

331 days ago


amazing that tiny tree was still standing destroyed that expensive car....sad that spped had to be a factor, he had a 15 year old daughter that shouold have been more important to him to out grow fast driving. watching the video, another car did come around the corner just as the car exploded.....?

331 days ago


How irresponsible is it for two grown men to drive a vehicle at high speeds at all, let alone on what appears to be a fairly well-traveled road with all the cars going by. Sorry he died, but stupid, stupid, stupid.

331 days ago

John Adan    

Fastest fire brigade response ever.

331 days ago


Paul died at 3:33.
Died the same way the mythical Hercules did, in a pyre, in trees, cremated.
Paul died on Hercules Street, near Constellation Blvd.
On this day comet ISON on a straight line was aimed at the Hercules constellation.

All true facts.

331 days ago
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