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Paul Walker Crash

The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno


12/2/2013 6:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The high speed crash that killed Paul Walker and Roger Rodas caused a huge explosion and fireball that could be seen for miles ... and it was all recorded on a security camera that captured the precise moment of impact.

The footage was recorded from a rooftop camera in an industrial park next to the crash site. It shows the initial collision (on the right of the screen) which caused the Porsche to explode in flames ... moments before another, larger blast sends a fireball high into the sky.

What's also interesting -- there appears to be no other cars either immediately in front of or behind the Porsche at the time of the crash.

As we reported, police were investigating whether Rodas had been involved in a high-speed street race before the accident.


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Ugh! It does look like he was racing that car that pulled up beside him. So sad. I really am sad about his untimely death. :(((( rip paul walker

325 days ago



325 days ago


At least he doesnt need to be cremated

325 days ago


wow what a explosion. blown to bits. What a death trap that car is. The driver sucks and that car sucks. At 40 years old and everything to live for it was time to buy a nice suv or sedan and drive like an adult. this was like having a death wish. old enough to know better

325 days ago


Like I have said! No symphathy whatsoever for these two bags of douche! They effin' deserved what they got.

325 days ago


TMZ, you are soooooo cool. How do you get all the stories? Nothing better than a bunch of ambulance chasers. Pathetic and just outright disrespectful. Way to exploit someones death. Get all the photos you can. Nice touch showing Tyrese crying as well. True exploiters of devastation. You are deplorable!

325 days ago


WOW! That was quite an explosion. Tragic.

325 days ago


Speed may have been a factor but not a drag race b/c no other car was before the crash. It seems the driver could not handle the car at the speed it was going. So sad for his daughter waiting for her father to come back from a quick spin w/friend.

325 days ago


It looks like the car was on fire before the collision.

325 days ago

I won't grow up    

Unfortunately this tragedy will not stop a bunch of young people from trying to emulate their "heroes" they see in the movies. This proves that you cannot do what they do in the movies. This was two experienced men in a high powered car on public streets, not on a controlled movie set. Imagine what a couple of kids in a piece of #@*% car might do.

325 days ago


The only thing you can tell from the video is there was an explosion. It could have been a high school kid lighting his farts. It doesn't prove anything. Hey TMZ why don't you change the title from "The Moment Of Impact & Massive Inferno [VIDEO]" to something more TMZ'ish like "The moment the DEATH CAR impacted and exploded into a massive Inferno"? Class it up a bit.

325 days ago


Yeahhhhhhh! That stuff doesnt happen when you drive at the posted speed limit in the street. Bye-Bye to trash. (I won't say rubbish because that's a fancy word)

325 days ago


If you look at Google maps where the accident occurred, you can see this camera just to the northeast of the accident, in the parking lot on the corner of Constellation and Hercules. So we would be looking southwest here. At first I thought the car that pulls into frame was moving the opposing direction from the impact scene, but after looking at the map on Google, it does appear the car was probably moving in tandem with - or at least very close to - Walker's car, as it slid into the pole. Impossible to tell if they were racing or trying to avoid each other, but the police have to know who this is by now.

325 days ago


It definitely looks like the car was traveling at a high rate of speed.

So I read on another site that he's been dating his 23 year old girlfriend for 7 years. True or no?

325 days ago


Enough speculation TMZ... let the people grieve and the experts find out exactly what happened.

325 days ago
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