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Paul Walker Crash

Leno Spun Out In Similar Porsche

At 182 MPH!

12/3/2013 11:16 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Jay Leno knows firsthand the danger -- and the thrill -- of driving a Porsche Carrera GT -- similar to the one that Paul Walker died in -- because he lost control of one while driving at 182 MPH!!

Leno climbed behind the wheel of a 605 horsepower, V-10 GT back in 2005 ... trying to set a speed record at Talladega Motor Speedway.  Cost of the car at that time -- $448K.

MotorTrend reported that Leno was gunning it -- going faster than 180 MPH --  when he lost control of the Porsche and spun out ... spinning across the track five times before hitting the infield grass.

Amazingly ... Leno managed to avoid hitting any walls .... and there was hardly a scratch on the car.

Pro driver David Donohue -- who was present that day -- told MotorTrend Leno took his foot off the accelerator because he got too close to a wall, which caused the car to spin. He says it shows just how sensitive the Carrera GT is at high speeds.

Afterward, Leno described it as "kinda like driving on ice. It was alright. It looked exciting!"


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Sick twisted mofos at tmz working overtime to report on paul. Exploitation at it's finest here. Guessing the Kartrashians need a break. Keep on riding the death train tmz.

235 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

Honest to God, was this guy Harvey's go to guy for manly sex with manly men? How many possible permutations can you have of the same fuqueing story?
This is worse than stupid TMZ, it's boring . . . and you know what happens to boring Web sites.

235 days ago



235 days ago


Ok, we get it TMZ. Let it go now. Dangerous car, stupid drivers behind it and the combo killed them.

BTW, why buy this car if it can't go fast on a track or on the street? What a waste of money (and life).

235 days ago


Prediction: It was speed and stupidity that killed Paul Walker and that other guy. They'll find no mechanical problems with the car.

235 days ago


So both incidents had tragic outcomes.

235 days ago


Paul Walker's and Roger Rodas' deaths make me feel so sick. Shouldn't have happened. What a senseless accident. My heart is still really hurting for the families. I think I'll be staying off of sites like this for a while. The constant coverage is disheartening.

235 days ago


I ♥ Porsche.

Best cars for hard boyz.

235 days ago


On a race track... Go to Wrecked Exotics dot com. They have a weekly newsletter to all the wrecks. These cars kill a lot of people and get totalled with under10k on them. They're race cars, you can buy. Remember in the 80's when the coke dealers all had to have Porsches? The dealerships had driving schools to go to because these things are N"T Monte Carlos!!!

235 days ago


235 days ago


Jay sucks

235 days ago

Ryuga the Dragon Emperor    

TMZ is just beating a dead horse now.

235 days ago

Miss B    

He's lucky,the only damage was to his underwear.

235 days ago


Breaking News: TMZ writers EJ@CUL@TE at any story with even a remote connection to Paul Walker's death.

235 days ago


Enough with this ! There are a lot of cars that resemble race cars. Ever heard of a Mc Laren P1 for example ?This cars are build for speed. You can take them to the streets and drive them like a responsible person and then you can take them to a race track to feel the real power in them, like Leno obviously did. Or you can race them on streets endangering yourself and most important everybody around you. BTW any of you ever drove on an Autobahn ?

235 days ago
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