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'Wheel Of Fortune'

We Feel TERRIBLE About Last Night's 'Fast & Furious' Puzzle

12/3/2013 7:28 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

File this one under: OOOPS.

"Wheel of Fortune" aired an episode last night that featured a puzzle with the answer "The Fast and the Furious" ... just days after Paul Walker died ... and now the show is in full spin mode.

During the show, producers ran a crawl on the top of the screen that read, "This episode was taped a few weeks ago, prior to the tragic passing of 'The Fast and the Furious' actor Paul Walker."

After the show aired, Pat Sajak tweeted, "Feel terrible about timing of 'Fast & Furious' puzzle tonight. Taped long ago & went out to 200 local stations days ago."

Still, it's unclear why producers didn't simply pull the episode to run at a later date.


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That guy could have been Obama's son... oh wait

293 days ago


Paul Walker, Paul Walker, Paul Walker. I feel bad for the guy and his family. It was a tragic death to be sure, but it seems 80% of the stories on TMZ have been about this accident. I'm not sure if you're feeding your own macabre fascination with this accident or just pandering to the grief riders circling like vultures, either way I find it disgusting. You guys seriously need to give it a rest. What would you be reporting on if this accident had never happened?

293 days ago


What's wrong with memorializing and celebrating the life of a great man? Stop the negativity in everything you see and start living your life for goodness sake.

293 days ago


I don't think there's a problem with this situation, it's not distasteful to have that as an answer on a game show, especially when it was filmed weeks ago. It's much more distasteful to post video of the car burning, the impact, post impact, a picture of a friend clearly in pain, recording his father when he's still grieving....stuff like that.

I avoided viewing all those videos because that stuff isn't helpful to the public, TMZ just decided to sensationalize a tragedy . So I don't think TMZ should ever allude to the possibility of someone not acting in good taste regarding this situation. Spare me the "clutching the pearls" reaction from TMZ.

293 days ago


Feeling bad all the way to the bank. This is Uncle Sam's favorite show. He wins every night.

293 days ago


It is the name of a show. There is nothing offensive about it.

293 days ago


I don't understand what's so "terrible" and what Pat Sajak feels "terrible" about.

293 days ago


you know the sensitivity level in society is too high, when you can offend without being offensive.

293 days ago


When MJ died it was like everything he done in his life was all we heard about for months and months. So i dont know why this should be any different. I dont know why people think we should or shouldnt do certain things just because someone has died. We are adults we can handle it so stop treating me like i am some kind of naive person that cannot handle what goes on in life because believe me, I CAN!

293 days ago


it was on cable last night...but i didnt soooooo sorry!!!

293 days ago


When MJ died for monts and months almost everything that he done in life is all that we heard about, hell they covered everything about his death for days including him being transferred from the hospital to the morge remember that? So why all of sudden should we get soft over this ?

293 days ago


Big Fu*Kin Deal. It it was ANYBODY else, they would have been condemned for street racing. Wheel has nothing to apologize for.

293 days ago


My 86 year old grandmother walks with a walker. OOPS . . . . too soon?

293 days ago

Edith Ann    

What's the big deal, everybody is going to die. That saying has been around for years anyway, I didn't even know who Paul Walker was until I read this story let alone what show he was in. Bet lots of people didn't knwo who he was either. Play Wheel of Fortune, it's just a game show.

293 days ago


why should they be so sorry its not like they meant to offend anyone comeon now it was already programmed before he died and I see nothing wrong even if it was after its a film title!

293 days ago
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