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Gypsy Sisters

Brutal Girl on Girl Beat Down [Video]

12/4/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Nothing new in West Virginia -- just a couple of cousin/sisters beating the bejesus out of each other on a front lawn, while the rest of the family cheers them on ... and TMZ has the footage.

The brawlers are both stars on the TLC show "Gypsy Sisters" (which airs it's season 2 premiere on Thursday) and features a woman named Nettie beating the living crap out of a woman named Kayla.

It's unclear what they were fighting over ... but who cares -- it's got punches, slaps, hair pulling, humiliating face squeezing ... and some serious smack talk.

Shockingly, the police were not involved ... and the family insists violence is just how they work out  their problems.


No Avatar


****ing old ass fat bicthes can't fight for ****. I don't see no blood . I see a lot of nothing happening

321 days ago


"(which airs it's season 2 premiere on Thursday)"

If you write for a living, please note that "it's" is the contraction for "it is". The possessive case of "its" has no apostrophe.

321 days ago


I've been watching these woman for years. Its real, they fight all the time even off camera. They first came on My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding and this is there spin off. It makes for good entertainment , airs tomorrow. I'll be watching :)

321 days ago


Disgusting animals

321 days ago


Everyone commenting seems to be so blasé about this disgusting video, personally I was repulsed. The look on Hattie's face after she punched Kayla 6 or more times in the face was disgraceful. I will no longer watch this show.

320 days ago


disgusting trashy women acting like dam animals!

318 days ago


this show bothers me, especially how they keep throwing around the word "Family" never in my adult life have i looked at anyone in my family and beat them up for having an opinion. Maybe as a kid with my sisters we had our fights,. but as a mother, i have never raised my fist to family with kids in full view, what is wrong with these people that makes them think this is okay.

318 days ago


They are telling the truth that's what we do beat up who your mad at no matter who it is,besides your mother and father. Then your over it that's how we have always been and always will be and you don't call the police ever.

318 days ago


They should lose their kids. They would be better off with DCFS in foster care. Maybe then they wouldn't grow up trashy.

313 days ago

Rachel Zoe    

I don't see how social services haven't been called out to these people's houses. Fighting in front of children, cussing in front of them, hell I've even seen pictures on their fb with small children throwing up the middle finger and Nettie's got her 9 year old girl dressed like a 16 yr old slut and then gets offended when people give their opinion. These people are nothing but trash and their kids are going to be the same way. It's a never ending cycle. I mean really they let their 15 16 year old daughters get married. Nobody at that age is ready for such a commitment. So yea puddintang I can see why you wv backwoods hilly billy rednecks are so easy to make fun of. It's like a car wreck, you shouldn't look but you can't do anything not to look bc they're all good at making fun of themselves. Ps. NETTIE you aren't better than nobody gtf over yourself Nellie why would you wanna fight while pregnant? Dallas quit being a whore a use a condemn if you can't keep em closed to one guy only and nuckie you deserve porky pig bc your ass ain't ****! Yll are all trash and embarrass yourselves and your families. I'd be ashamed to say that I knew any of you.

312 days ago


Best show ever! These people have values. Taking things into your own hands is the way every family should be

287 days ago


Real gypsy dont fight their own. This is a disgrace to all gypsys put there. Nettie you sick. And kayla...well you had had just all you could take. That whitzel stpod over a woman is ridiculous and that richard didnt handle that was insane. Nettie is a pig with a million baby fathers... trash gypsy

56 days ago


First off all Rachel Zoe u dont knw a bit of wat your talking about Ninnie is a amazing mom and takes care of her kids she only has 2 baby daddys n she was married to one n is now married to the other n why the fck would Dfs get called all oir kids R VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF AND WANT FOR NOTHING OUR HOUSES R KEEP EXTREMLY CLEAN N AS FAR AS THE FIGHT THE KIDS WERE INSIDE HER DAUGHTER DANIELLE GOT OUT THE TRUCK AND WAS QUICKLY TAKEN BACK n why r u gorgers so worried about us anyway go worry about ure kids that shoot up schools rob people sleep with every tom dick n harry n act like fools yes we marry early so wat i maried my husband at 15 and have been happily married for 21years and have 9beautiful children i am a hair stylist own my own salon and my husband owns his own construction company so u guys no nothing but wat u see on tv and tlc makes people n situations look the way they want for the ratings so stop worrying about us n GET A ****ING LIFE our famlies r fine CLEAN UP URE ****

24 days ago
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