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Paul Walker

Burning Porsche Video May Show Escape Attempt

12/4/2013 6:08 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A close examination of the video showing the Paul Walker's Porsche engulfed in flames reveals a shadowy image appearing to flail.

There is now a swirl of speculation that the image, seen roughly 23 seconds into the clip, is Paul attempting to escape the death trap.

Law enforcement sources who participated in the investigation tell TMZ ... there is strong evidence that Paul and Roger Rodas never got out of their seats, but when pressed they would not conclusively say that Paul didn't attempt an escape.

Our sources say ... investigators are confident Roger absolutely didn't move -- but they would not definitely say that about Paul.

One source says it appears both men were trapped in their seats and therefore did not attempt an escape, but the key word is "appears."

We're told law enforcement is looking at the video now.

We broke the story ... the L.A. County Coroner's Office says Paul died from both trauma from the crash AND burn injuries, which insinuates the actor survived the initial impact and the fire was partially responsible for his death.


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Seriously...stop. Have some freaking respect.

287 days ago

Tammy LM    

This is ridiculous. This same convo just went down in a post over at IMDB a couple hours ago and you're just copying that thread and turning it into a news story. You're pulling speculation from distraught fans off fan boards and filling your site with "tabloid drama" for attention. Stop it. I've seen the video and you as well as I know and (serveral other people agree) it's just the light reflecting off the window of the car as the guy was taping it backed his car up. The reflection moves with the car backing up. You get the news first in all things. We know that, but this is gross and you know it TMZ! This is tastless Harvey. Just don't go there. There are kids at the end of this story. Two children with a father who wont be coming home. They will and can see this. It's not worth it. Sense when does this speculating piece of Gory drama become actual NEWS worthy of reporting to people who wanna know?????????
I know you don't have kids Harvey but honestly. you need to step back.

287 days ago


The shadowy image is not Paul. If it were, he would be hunched over not standing upright, not to mention he died sitting in his seat not standing up where he would have fallen onto the pavement. The Coroner mentioned there was evidence of smoke inhalation and that he was probably unconscious when he burned, which could bethe result of either the impact or breathing smoke prior to the fire. It is likely he never felt himself burn and forhis sake, I hope that's accurate. In any event, the fire and temperatures being what they were, he would not have survived like this long.

287 days ago


Burning rubber vs. Burning alive? Drive safe, it's not worth it

287 days ago


RIP Paul Walker > Paul Driver > Paul Burner > Paul Layer

287 days ago

The Truth Hurts    

Really, I know u guys always sink so low but to come up with this is just beyond wrong. U guys are sick bastards. There's a special place in hell for all u guys. Why hasn't anybody sued you guys yet?

287 days ago



287 days ago


Okay enough!! This is cruel reporting. Think of his family and friends seeing this crap. It's heartbreaking enough that they died now to report that Paul might have been alive but burned to death is sick, tacky and cruel. They are dead and nothing will change that but to report all of this is just mean. Shame on you. I am done with TMZ.

287 days ago


your such dumb pricks milking that sh*t @tmz. can't you just stop it? i like your fun stuff but this is ridiculously hungry for some stupid clicks. and... yes i clicked... wtf you moron$. -_-

287 days ago


grim, grim, grim descriptions
maybe the explosion was a blessing, better that than being trapped and s l ow l y roasting to death..
thanks for the nightmares tmz
this is all too grim, yet i can't stop reading tmz..

287 days ago


It's bad enough he died in such a horrific way but now imaging that he tried getting out but couldn't makes it even worse. Unless you have facts, don't speculate

287 days ago


I made an account just to write this!

News is News! But THIS!?!?!? This is disgusting! I was watching TMZ last night and I had to turn it off. If you want to play the videos, fine. But I am not going to watch a video where two people lost their lives. Two human beings have died and you get to glorify it for ratings. This article has made me walk away! Maybe for good. No one, and I repeat NO ONE!!! Should watch another person burn alive and fight for their life. And only disgusting turds will use it for ratings!!

287 days ago


It doesn't make a difference. He's gone. 😢 It's almost as if harm to the family is purposely being sought. Give this story a rest, already! R.I.P. Paul Walker. 👼

287 days ago

Phil Osopher    

11 seconds into the tape I swear in the smoke I saw Jesus, but I know it was just the smoke, lighting etc.
The same goes for this 23 seconds and Paul you guys refer to.

Let's stick to facts, OK.

287 days ago


TMZ...enough already. Please stop with these stories that only add to the agony and sorrow. Knowing he was not dead from the impact and now possibly attempted to get out serves no purpose and only adds to the grieving. Give it up. What are you trying to prove?

287 days ago
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