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Paul Walker Crash

Cause Of Death Revealed

Trauma and Burn Injuries

12/4/2013 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries sustained from the Nov. 30 car crash ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office.

Translation -- Paul did not die from the impact of the crash alone. He burned to death after the Porsche GT crashed into a tree and a pole and exploded into flames.

The man who was driving the Porsche GT, Roger Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries suffered upon impact. Burning was not listed as a factor in his death.

The coroner says toxicology results for both men will be available in 6 to 8 weeks.

The Medical Examiner says both deaths have been ruled as an accident.

Sources in the coroner's office tell us ... both men were positively ID'd by using dental records.

Walker and Rodas were killed Saturday in Santa Clarita, CA when the Porsche GT they were in veered off the road, slammed into a pole and exploded in flames.  The cause of that crash is still under investigation.

Paul was 40. Rodas was 38.


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Oooooo that is just devastating news, especially for his family and friends - even though he was still alive after impact, let's all hope he was unconscious and unaware of what was happening. It's just too sad for any human being to die that way.

294 days ago


This is really horrible news. No one deserves to go like this. I hope though that either Paul was unconscious after impact or the fumes and smoke got to him before the burns. Chances are the smoke got to him first. That's usually how it works when people die from a fire. Smoke inhalation gets them before anything else.
Makes me angry that those ****ers filming the video didn't go help! Karma is coming for them.

294 days ago


This is just heartbreaking for his family and friends. That is the worst. I had a feeling that he burned alive by watching the video. It looked like one was trying to get out and could not through the flames. Thoughts and prayers are going out to their families.

294 days ago


This story really bothers me. He would still be alive if he realized that driving fast isn't safe. My Prayers go out to his daughter.

294 days ago


Why is no one talking about the fact that he was announced dead on Friday, November 29th, then his publicist (NOT PAUL HIMSELF) alleged he was "alive and well" the morning of November 30, just a few hours before the car accident that allegedly took his life? Is this a cover up? It could be anything. Maybe someone put a hit out on him and announced his death before it actually happened. OR MAYBE HE'S NOT DEAD. The two men in this picture look pretty gay. Maybe he took his F&F7 money, faked his death and is living on an island with this guy in freedom, far away from the evils of Hollywood. WHO KNOWS WHAT THE TRUTH IS.... But it's extremely hard to believe someone would happen to start a "false" internet rumor 24 hours before his death. AND if he WAS alive, why did his publicist confirm his living status instead of doing it himself? AND Paul Walker, Fast and Furious star dying in a hot rod crash is a little too poetic, not to mention he's quoted in saying "IF THE SPEED KILLS ME SOMEDAY, DONT CRY FOR ME, FOR I WAS SMILING". It just all seems MOST suspicious to me.

294 days ago


There was another human being who died. Why don't they ever mention him and his family? Do we put fame on that high of a pedestal, that his death is the only one that matters? Sick.

294 days ago


Shame on you for the wording of this article. Have some respect

294 days ago


That to me just doesnt make sense....Paul was the passenger he took the full blunt upon impact if anyone was killed instantly you would of thought it would have been him.

294 days ago


I understand the findings to be: Paul was unconscious after impact, but died of smoke , fire and blunt force injuries. He didn't feel anything after the initial impact which was so fast which knocked him out. Also, to verify what I think happened, people on the scene before the fire said he was unconscious.

294 days ago


So Paul could have been saved by those ppl who came upon the accident and did nothing...they stood there and recorded!

294 days ago

Tina Stone    

That is a terrible way to die. Just imaging it makes me sick...R.I.P

294 days ago


I ONLY wish someone could have pulled these guys out of the car before it caught on fire. They may have been knocked unconscious? VERY sad! Being burned alive is horrific!

294 days ago


It was either a ninja tree or he saw a pretty 15 yr old girl and his gf who he began dating when she was 16 and he was 33 got too old
Very respectable person as that is statutory rape

294 days ago


I has seen that video on the twitter you see in the video that this guy filmed you can see that PaulWalker dude struggling to get out of the car like screaming and such... so very sad
May they both be cleared.

294 days ago


I'm from Poland, I'm still very sad.. My heart is broken:(

294 days ago
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