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Paul Walker Crash

Cause Of Death Revealed

Trauma and Burn Injuries

12/4/2013 12:20 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker died from the combined effects of traumatic and thermal injuries sustained from the Nov. 30 car crash ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner's Office.

Translation -- Paul did not die from the impact of the crash alone. He burned to death after the Porsche GT crashed into a tree and a pole and exploded into flames.

The man who was driving the Porsche GT, Roger Rodas, died from multiple traumatic injuries suffered upon impact. Burning was not listed as a factor in his death.

The coroner says toxicology results for both men will be available in 6 to 8 weeks.

The Medical Examiner says both deaths have been ruled as an accident.

Sources in the coroner's office tell us ... both men were positively ID'd by using dental records.

Walker and Rodas were killed Saturday in Santa Clarita, CA when the Porsche GT they were in veered off the road, slammed into a pole and exploded in flames.  The cause of that crash is still under investigation.

Paul was 40. Rodas was 38.


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His death was caused by wreckless speed.

219 days ago


THANKS FOR THE "TRANSLATION" TMZ! Doing anything you can to make things more sensational. Like the average layman couldnt figure that out from the report. Wheres the "WE BROKE THE STORY" throughout the article? Yall are sooooo cool. I wish I could chase people around all day and report where they ate, what Lindsay Lohan is doing or what the latest is with the Kardashians. Losers

219 days ago


that is so horrific,my condolences to his family and friends. that is a awful way to die. may he Rip.

219 days ago


It just breaks my heart to read this. I truly hope that he wasn't concious in his last moments. I feel so bad for his daughter and family. Just a horrific, preventable death. Sounds like Roger pretty much died on impact, and even though he was behind the wheel, I still feel bad for what happened to him as well, and for his young son.

219 days ago


I'm gonna still believe, because it's easier that way, that he went unconscious immediately on impact and didn't feel any pain. It is a BIG possibility that is what actually happened.

219 days ago


I'm not sure it's ok for you to post he burned to death. Not good. Why do we have to know this?

219 days ago


TMZ has gone too far now. They did NOT have to be so graphic when they knew his child could see everything. It may be time for a TMZ boycott.

219 days ago


umm who cares.. Good God TMZ will you move on.. No once cares about this actor who few ever heard of.

219 days ago


Anyone that doesn't believe they died instantly would have to be a Moron. That includes the Coroner. It makes me sick to think that the grief is not bad enough. Shame on you who would do this to his family and friends. I'm sure Paul would not appreciate giving that image to his daughter. What ever happened to responsibility and respect for others. You people care for no one but youselves unlike the giving man Paul was. Reporting also on a few nuts who plan on pickiting his funeral was stupid. Giving these nobody fanatics anytime in the news makes me sick.

219 days ago


He shouldnt have died man, aside from all his acting he was doing good for other people, and to hear he died by burning to death is truly saddening. RIP Paul you were a great actor. Condolences to his family and Daughter

219 days ago

daeth ar58    

thats horible, thats him flailing round in the flames video then where the guy keeps says ist going to blow up, hes trying to get out, the fire didnt start until at least a minute after the tree went down, , u can see from the roof top video, so he was alive for several minutes, his legs were trapped u can see his skull im this video

219 days ago

RIP Whitney    

Don't mistake being killed by the fire for him being conscious during it because of the already awful injuries he had as a result of the crash. As his friends said, he was unconscious when they were trying to get him out. This type of vague reporting is designed to get people upset and draw them to read the site.

219 days ago


I saw an accident very similar to this a few months ago on my way to Kentucky. The driver fell asleep and hit an embankment there was nothing left of the car and it exploded. All four men survived the crash. Two of the men were ejected upon impact and dragged the other passengers from the wreckage. This really is a shame, I'm definitely a Paul Walker fan. I can't even imagine the grief his family is feeling, my goodness.

219 days ago


Stop thinking the worst people, they were not burnt alive nor did they suffer. Once they hit the light pole and tree doing 100 mph they were dead or unconscious before the fire.

219 days ago


Well, it's a report we could've done without. I hope that now that the whole world knows the 'Official' cause of death of those loved ones, that they are given the privacy they deserve. You have to remember that Paul Walker was famous, but unlike many in the industry, he didn't SEEK attention from the media, like they do presently. I hope that we can all move on, including those who are currently stalking Paul Walker's loved ones for exclusive images, and give them the privacy to grieve in peace. Your rude presence is only a reminder of why Paul Walker was such a private person. Paul Walker's family are normal people, with families, jobs, careers, and live in normal communities. They do not need the media circus parked outside their homes. Thank goodness the autopsy report came out as fast as it did. Time to move on, and let these men, rest in peace. As well as let their families grieve and remember their husbands, fathers, sons who like them many others loved and admired for simply being them. R.I.P. I know in my heart, that they will all be reunited as family. This is only a brief separation. They knew how loved they were and I'm sure they went in peace. If Paul was alive after the crash, he would've succumbed to his injuries at the hospital from trauma. We can only hope and pray that they both left the mortal world, in the blink of an eye. My condolences to their families. Still in shock.

219 days ago
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