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Paul Walker Death

Porsche's Been Sued BEFORE

Over Deadly Carrera GT

12/4/2013 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
wasn't the first to allegedly experience mechanical issues inside a Porsche Carrera GT -- TMZ has learned, the car company was sued over a deadly 2005 crash involving the same vehicle ... and it paid dearly in a massive settlement.

According to the lawsuit, two men (a driver and his passenger) were killed on a California race track while driving a 2005 Carrera GT ... hitting a wall at over 100 MPH while trying to avoid another car on the track.

The family of the passenger sued practically everyone involved in the accident for gross negligence -- and won $4.5 million in a giant settlement ... $350,000 of which was paid by Porsche.

The lawsuit alleged the GT didn't handle correctly on the track -- and according to the attorney for the victim's family, Craig McClellan ... sworn testimony from several Porsche experts confirmed a major design flaw with the GT is it doesn't have a Porsche Stability Management system.

We're told the PSMS uses a computer to correct the car if the rear end loses control -- and it is now required by law.

For Porsche's part, the company denied liability -- saying the car fully met federal safety standards at the time -- but it still paid its portion of the settlement to avoid further litigation.

It's unclear if Roger Rodas' Carrera GT had been fitted with a PSMS -- but McClellan says ZERO 2005 Carrera GTs (like Roger's) came off the assembly line with the system.

PSMS or not, it's worth noting the car has been a HUGE legal pain in the ass for Porsche. So far, Paul's family hasn't filed a lawsuit.




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Let's ban all cars with excessive horsepower. You can keep your truck that is used for pulling livestock and job equipment. If all cars, except police cars, had no more than 65 horsepower and limit the number of cylinders to 4, there would not be people using cars for illegal activity and the number of deaths would decrease and so would gas prices and consumption. We can go house to house confiscating all cars that are too scary.

323 days ago


redicuous...this accident was the result carelessness, sadly. this nonsensical talk robs the possibility of any discussion regarding responsible driving. this driver and pw died due to bad decisions not stuttgart.

323 days ago


Traction control systems in Porsches can be turned off with a simple push-button switch in the ****pit, nobody buys a $480,000 supercar to allow the traction control electronics prevent you from lighting up the tires.

The Carrera GT is a street legal racing car. If you go 180mph on a residential street and someone pulls out in front of you not realizing you are coming at them like a bullet, bad things are going to happen.

323 days ago


My MB C63 AMG has 507HP and it ain't safe at any speed!

Can ya dig it!

Har har har!

323 days ago


"Less than 4 seconds". How times have changed. Audi SQ5 SUV hits 60 MPH in 5.1 seconds. I remember the days when an SUV doing 60MPH in less than 9 sec was quite respectable and results at 5 seconds and below were reserved for the production supercars.

Now the grandma can pull 4g on the curve in an SUV with all wheel drive and a computer-controlled movement vector adjustment (that's where the wheels spin with different speed to augment control).

323 days ago


I think Harvey had a crush on Paul.

323 days ago


Bet they wouldn't have had a problem if they drove the speed limit. This accident isn't Porche's fault, or some other driver that might have been racing with him, nor anyone else's fault besides the driver of the car.

323 days ago


OF COURSE it's not safe - it's a DAMN Volkswagen! The worst piece of garbage ever built on the face of the earth and some MORON paid 5 times as much for this as for any other Volkswagen! It's a MUB - mobile urban blight. Since vw admitted in their own advertising in the 70's and 80's, "it's not a car, it's a Volkswagen" I say hold them to their words. Roads were built for cars, so they have NO right being on the road!

323 days ago


It is German...a bit too much motor at 10 valves and high horsepower. Car is a death trap in all respect's.

323 days ago


You can thank the Tealiban and Republicans for keeping these kinds of cars available.

Jimmy Carter and the Democratic Party did their best to discourage these kind of cars.

Remember to vote Democrat in 2014 to get these death machine cars from YOUROPE off the roads!

323 days ago


after what just happen with Paul and the last legal headache. Porsche should take it as a sign that the car is not safe and needs to be retired from the market till it can be. and give it time Pauls family may yet file a lawsuit .

323 days ago


First off, the crash involving the Jackass guy had nothing to do with the Porsche GT3 he was driving. It had EVERYTHING to do with the fact that he was loaded up to his eyeballs. As for this accident, my heart goes out to the families of both men, but I have a feeling that this could come down to driver responsibility. I'm not saying the driver didn't have the skill to drive the car, but even a F1 champion like Mark Webber says it was one of the most difficult cars he's ever driven. This is not a car designed to be driven at a high rate of speed on the street, even for a short distance, and especially if it was already leaking fluid. Doesn't change the fact that there are 3 children out there now without a father, that's the saddest part.

323 days ago

grammar police    

Dear TMZ,
Go back to school and learn grammar. Prosche has been sued...not Porsche's been sued.

323 days ago


Judging by the videos, a little work on Google Maps and some simple physics, it's pretty obvious what happened - and the reports by the police are largely incorrect.
The vehicle was traveling north (not south) on Kelly Johnson parkway at a high rate of speed: WAY over the speed limit, and before the hairpin turn. The driver lost control in the high speed right sweeper: the vehicle was spinning out. He eased off the gas, the tires hooked up again and it headed for the inside (right) curb. Upon impact with the curb, it launched into the air and slammed into a street light pole. It may have taken out a second light pole too.The impact was probably on the driver's side. The car ended up in front of 2560...1 Hercules Street, just before the warning sign for the hairpin turn ahead. The gas from the ruptured fuel tank burst into flames just a few seconds after the car came to rest. Both occupants were probably rendered unconscious or killed by the impact, and it's likely they did not suffer. Folks, please do not street race. It's stupidly dangerous, and even the best driver in a super handling car under perfect conditions can die in seconds - and he may take others with him.

323 days ago


Total BS TMZ: the Porsche was at a FERRARI-hosted track-day event. A flag person who's #1 job is safety, let a Ferrari Enzo out on the track not seeing the CGT coming at 120+ mph. CGT had to swerve and hit the wall, killing two people. A used CGT is about $350k, that's what Porsche paid...not sure they were even sued over that event, the two family sued everyone.

323 days ago
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