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Paul Walker Death

Porsche's Been Sued BEFORE

Over Deadly Carrera GT

12/4/2013 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
wasn't the first to allegedly experience mechanical issues inside a Porsche Carrera GT -- TMZ has learned, the car company was sued over a deadly 2005 crash involving the same vehicle ... and it paid dearly in a massive settlement.

According to the lawsuit, two men (a driver and his passenger) were killed on a California race track while driving a 2005 Carrera GT ... hitting a wall at over 100 MPH while trying to avoid another car on the track.

The family of the passenger sued practically everyone involved in the accident for gross negligence -- and won $4.5 million in a giant settlement ... $350,000 of which was paid by Porsche.

The lawsuit alleged the GT didn't handle correctly on the track -- and according to the attorney for the victim's family, Craig McClellan ... sworn testimony from several Porsche experts confirmed a major design flaw with the GT is it doesn't have a Porsche Stability Management system.

We're told the PSMS uses a computer to correct the car if the rear end loses control -- and it is now required by law.

For Porsche's part, the company denied liability -- saying the car fully met federal safety standards at the time -- but it still paid its portion of the settlement to avoid further litigation.

It's unclear if Roger Rodas' Carrera GT had been fitted with a PSMS -- but McClellan says ZERO 2005 Carrera GTs (like Roger's) came off the assembly line with the system.

PSMS or not, it's worth noting the car has been a HUGE legal pain in the ass for Porsche. So far, Paul's family hasn't filed a lawsuit.




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Walker Paul    

Look at the burned body - jesus christ... hope he died on impact!

221 days ago


nothing matters now...Paul Walker is gone, unbelievable.
God rest his soul in peace.

221 days ago


221 days ago



221 days ago

Affirmative Action    

Porsche should've been the least of Paul Walker's worries. His 30+ year old Chester-Chester-Child-Molester a$$ should've been dead a long time ago for messing with a 16 year old. #PERVERT

221 days ago


Let's ban ALL CARS.

Call my laywer. SUE! SUE! SUE!

Shameful Americans!

220 days ago


The lack of a Stability Management system isn't a design flaw it's done on purpose. A lot of Dodger Vipers don't have any stability control either. That's the way these high performance cars are engineered and they are supposed to be for seasoned drivers.

220 days ago


Speed was a factor. Cars don't get split in half and blow up going 35 (Posted speed limit) miles an hour on a industrial street. That car was not made for street racing period!

220 days ago


Shanice, I would like to sell you some snake oil. You freaking ding bat!

220 days ago


Hey Shanice, how does a nurse become a car expert on high speed car accidents. Stick to what you do best and keep cleaning old folks in your convalescence home nursing job.

220 days ago


They should not have been driving the car as fast as they were. No one takes responsibility for their own actions, and the court allows it.

220 days ago


In this case though, it was high speeds that contributed and an accident. Nothing went wrong with the car and these 2 men knew all the specs and safety situation with the car. So legal action can't be taken. The case would be thrown out.

220 days ago


Tesla the electric car safest car rated in USA in under investigation for 2 fires after high speed crashes but the car told the drivers get out and the front part burned, even one driver took his belongs before a fire started and NHTSA is investigating Tesla for safety reason. Porsche and many other Gasoline cars kill hundreds of people just in US every year and not investigation. It is unbelievable that Porsche GT has the gas tank behind the seats.

220 days ago


First, paying 350K in that lawsuit is not paying dearly. Hell that's the cost of a single car so that's pocket change to them. If they really paid dearly they would have paid at least a hundred million.
Second, if Porsche cared one bit for the safety of people they would have recalled this particular car way back when it first came out and everyone said it was a nightmare, they wouldn't have left it in the dealerships to be sold. Also they would have never even put it on the market because all these issues were known by Porsche during the development of the car long before it ever was put into production. So Porsche doesn't care one bit about anything other than getting the $$$ from rich idiots.

220 days ago


not to be rude but these two guys knew that there's something wrong with the car and decided to test drive it anyway.

220 days ago
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