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Paul Walker Death

Porsche's Been Sued BEFORE

Over Deadly Carrera GT

12/4/2013 6:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
wasn't the first to allegedly experience mechanical issues inside a Porsche Carrera GT -- TMZ has learned, the car company was sued over a deadly 2005 crash involving the same vehicle ... and it paid dearly in a massive settlement.

According to the lawsuit, two men (a driver and his passenger) were killed on a California race track while driving a 2005 Carrera GT ... hitting a wall at over 100 MPH while trying to avoid another car on the track.

The family of the passenger sued practically everyone involved in the accident for gross negligence -- and won $4.5 million in a giant settlement ... $350,000 of which was paid by Porsche.

The lawsuit alleged the GT didn't handle correctly on the track -- and according to the attorney for the victim's family, Craig McClellan ... sworn testimony from several Porsche experts confirmed a major design flaw with the GT is it doesn't have a Porsche Stability Management system.

We're told the PSMS uses a computer to correct the car if the rear end loses control -- and it is now required by law.

For Porsche's part, the company denied liability -- saying the car fully met federal safety standards at the time -- but it still paid its portion of the settlement to avoid further litigation.

It's unclear if Roger Rodas' Carrera GT had been fitted with a PSMS -- but McClellan says ZERO 2005 Carrera GTs (like Roger's) came off the assembly line with the system.

PSMS or not, it's worth noting the car has been a HUGE legal pain in the ass for Porsche. So far, Paul's family hasn't filed a lawsuit.




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Ryan Dunn died the same way as paul walker in a porche gt!

221 days ago


wow what is wrong with everyone and there comments ? first of all I “Am a survivor from a one car crash I was a was the passenger and my friend was driving and she didn’t make it so take it from me people make up all kinds of stories on what happened about our crash .and they were all wrong on what happened .it wasn’t anything we were doing we weren’t speeding we weren’t driving fast it was nothing we did wrong so
take it from someone who knows from life experience anything can happen it was a freak accident that just happened no one know why these thing happen they just do so to all of you say they were speeding they were drag racing the matter of the facts are no one really know what happened except for Paul walker and his friend they were the only two that were in the car and so they are the only ones who really know what went on in that car and what happen . It is very sad , and sadly there not here to tell the true story on what happened so please stop with the stories . And one last note my heart goes out to daughter and the family ,and friends they will go down in history as someone who really cared for other people and will always be remembered for what they stood for in life they loved life and did what the loved doing and that I have to say they were 2 good heart ed men and god knew it and remember god he only takes the best . Tow more angles got there wings to soon but will be remembered forever.

221 days ago


A bad carpenter blames his tools. People were racing for many years before Electronic Stability Management systems.
Ride on your own ride is good advice. If you don't know how to handle high speeds, don't run them.

221 days ago


The TMZ staff member who wrote this article is an idiot. This car isn't the problem, it's bad judgement on drivers and other cir***stances. Walkers friend that was driving had to have been going well over the speed limit to have caused them traumatic injuries on impact. These cars are built for safety as much as speed. And the other accident of a GT was on a race track were the pit in and pit out was located on the straight away which is dangerous. I feel sick about this and how much the families are suffering right now but learn the facts before you start blaming.

219 days ago


Its partly Porsches fault don't make cars for street that spose to be for racing!!!!!!!!!!

218 days ago


Lets see over 600 horse power and v10 that car should of not Ben street legal its porsches fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

218 days ago


Paul's family should sue Porsche

218 days ago


Semi only 500 hp that car was over 600hp that's nuts for a street car ?????

218 days ago
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