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Justin Bieber

Hotel to Mayor:

Screw You, We're Keeping Bieb's Art

12/5/2013 12:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1204-justin-bieber-mayor-australia-tmz-ipadThe Australian hotel tagged by Justin Bieber is going to war against the city's mayor ... defying hizzoner's order to remove it, and going so far as to PROTECT it from being cleaned up.

TMZ broke the story ... Justin covered a wall at the QT Gold Coast with some colorful graffiti monsters -- angering Mayor Tom Tate, who then sent a videotaped message to the "pop princess" demanding he clean it up.

Justin hasn't responded to the mayor, but now hotel officials have -- telling us they're so proud of the Bieb's handiwork ... they're covering it with a black tarp so no one can remove it.

Officially, we're told the cover-up is there to shield the graffiti from rain and sun ... but clearly it also sends a message to roving do-gooders: HANDS OFF BIEBER'S MASTERPIECE.


No Avatar


That's not art. It's the kind of random stuff you doodle when you can't draw.

262 days ago


Looks like a court case is shaping up.
Perhaps a vigilante group can remove the eyesore. Black plastic tarps can't be THAT hard to remove.

262 days ago


JB is a new-money Bogan by any measure... This graffiti will only attract other local Aussie Bogans to come and see it and get a photo standing next to it. I seriously doubt it will help the hotel in terms of revenue.

Keyword: Bogan

262 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Well, if I ever go to Australia, I won't be staying at that hotel. If he thinks he can charge people more money now because of that crap, I say screw him!!

262 days ago


why would a hotel wanna keep his ugly work? they do realize that his fans are under 16 right so they aint gonna be coming to your hotel to do business. Adults will just think its ugly and be put off your hotel.

261 days ago

Michael D.    

Seems hotels/businesses will do anything to rake up trade. This individual is not worth the time it takes to write up the story. When he grows up, maybe he will allowed to vote, and then be responsible for his actions. Until then - go for it Mr. Mayor!

261 days ago

Double Bubble    

I saw drawings of this caliber once at my kids daycare center, done by 4 and 5 year olds. They were proud of themselves too.

261 days ago


Im From Sydney, Australia. And they are only carring it out and making a big fuss about it because they want the attention, just like they are getting now. It's so good for marketing, they couldn't give 2 craps about the graffiti (although i reckon they will still get tourist attraction over it)

261 days ago


My 8 year old can make better "art" than that crap! That sh!tty hotel must be a really classy joint. And he does look like a girl. You would think that the lil' dork would know that a dollar sign has only ONE vertical line. Dolt.

261 days ago


Bieber's desperate to seem cool.

260 days ago

Yu Lee    


260 days ago

Yu Lee    

DEAR MARE TATE, since u are Aboriginal, u should know better than to sarcastically call Mr Bieber "POP PRINCESS". .
Since we didn't hear any apology from u, is it OK to open the flood gates on racist and sexist jokes in Australia?
Do u need some WHITE face paint? OK I'll send Justin back to help u!

260 days ago

Yu Lee    

so its OK to break the law, tag and paint graffiti - as long as u come back and "SING 4 THE MARE"
Justin did NOT break any law because its on private land and they asked him to tag it. The silly mare says, technically it can still be seen from the street. I assume he's comparing it to large advt signs which need a permit. So when the hotel covers the fence with BLACK tarps, game over, Mare is checkmate!

260 days ago

Yu Lee    

Previously this unknown Aboriginal mare, happy to become infamous thru bashing Bieber and commits the following CRIMES in his sarcastic and hypocritic video message -
1. POP PRINCESS - instead of pop prince!
2. Justin BEAVER - instead of Bieber
3. Graffiti & VANDALISM - instead of authorised tagging
4. use SKYPE because its a lot CHEAPER - Justin can afford a cell phone call if he's worth over $200 million!
NOW the whole world wants to retaliate your sarcasm, Mr Mare, with jokes about YOUR ethnic status!
So please tell us where u would draw the red line?
"draw a red line" ?
YOUR UNDER ARREST for Graffiti and vandalism !!!

260 days ago

Yu Lee    

...... and finally
the HONEST and LAW ABIDDING mare has been accused of "conflict of interest" !!!
His local councilors said "he recently bought land and wants to corruptly use his position as council mare to get influence council to get approval to build a "LARGE HOTEL" !!!
Aside from the alleged corruption, he doesn't want the competing QT Hotel getting all the customers to see Justin's art !!!

260 days ago
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