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Lindsay Lohan


... It's Bathing Suit Season

12/5/2013 3:35 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Rehab does a body good ... at least for Lindsay Lohan, who strapped on a one-piece bathing suit and flaunted around her 27-year-old physique in Miami today.

It's the first time Lindsay's really shown off her body since leaving court-ordered rehab back in July, stemming from a reckless driving conviction.

Lilo is in south Florida for Art Basel ... which is a huge international art show -- described as the premiere showcase for Modern and contemporary works of art.

For the record, it's 78 in Miami today ... in December.



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Grandma Cracker    

Looks like Lindsay got another new set of teeth. How many sets is that now?

285 days ago


She'd be considered "THICK WAISTED," "FLABBY," "UNTONED," "UNCLEAN," by any standard

That's what I thought. You are just some fat hog hiding behind a PC who wants to feel better about yourself by putting down Lohan.
It's quite easy to see that every word in your insults is aimed at yourself.
It's not Lohan's fault you find yourself grotesque. It's your fault. Even on Lohan's worst day she's better than you best.
You judge her because you say she "Lies" and because you disapprove of her career choices. What career choices have you made?? To be a Burger King Manager?? Or to walk out of Wendy's??
You can write a thousand of your insults and you are fooling no one. You hate you and you want to take it out on others.
It's gotta burn you up that even at Lohan's lowest point she can still get attention while you get nothing.
But go back to your name calling in your sad attempt to bring others down with you.
Eat your junk food and get fatter and type that hate!

285 days ago


Hint ....she has a "friend" who is a "aclaimed" artist in the flicked world of modern art....remember Dom Z and if I remember correctly he has a home on Miami and he would be showing off his "art" week........connect the dots............

and bgg.........You show me yours and I will show you go first though cause after I show mine I afraid you would be so jealous you would be to ashamed to show and tell......Now my ass may be sagging but I have a right I'm going on 67 but it's still tighter then hers.......

285 days ago


BGG is just a frustrated LoserFan, who's only wish is to bow before Loserhan and lick the c u m drippings off her feet lolololol

285 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

BBG has been circling all the gossip web sites that had The Junkie in her bathing suit and NOT ONE nice or positive thing was said about The Junkie, so BBG is in a fowl mood today. The money train crashed!!

285 days ago


Nothing attractive about that at all. Not even a tiny little bit.

285 days ago


Dude get your eyes checked out. That is not a smoking hot ass.

285 days ago

true believer    

I've got better body tone and I'm pushing 60!

285 days ago

Its Nikki Bitches    

Off to my office to spoil my employees cause they are so good to me.

Yes BBG I own my own company, so there!

Happy Friday everyone, five more hrs till Happy Hour *Cheers*!

See over on ROT cause for some reason I cant post on here from my office??

285 days ago

Chief Gall    

off subject
quick annoy in.......
Yes, Lucky 130, The Canyons sukked, aside from some of the acting which was good, especially Lindsay's. I would give it a D+ rating. It's easy to see why it bombed at the box office. It has made a profit in online rentals. As much as I love Lindsay I would never recommend the film. She will get much better roles in the future with respected actors.
And here's something interesting. Machete Kills opened at 3.8k and pulled a total of 11.4m and Lindsay is out of sight and out of mind and not anywhere near the film. The first Machete with Lindsay pulled 11.4m opening weekend and a total of 44m. MK has many popular and respected actors AND the very popular Lady Gaga and it still bombed. Clearly, folks will avoid a movie if they don't like the movie. They don't avoid a movie because of who is in the movie.
quick annoy out..................

285 days ago


My Grandmother looks better than that.........and she's been dead for 30 years.

285 days ago


Don't fret, Linds.... AA Aliana will pay to fill your pink bag of drugs. Some "sources" say that she just got hired to model dust-particle masks. Big ones. She's perfect for it.

285 days ago


Ooooh Dina, why aren't you coming to your little darlins rescue? Are you secretly thankful that they are picking on her and not you this time? Is that your bathing suit Lindsay is borrowing?

285 days ago


Why is it that other celebrities are pictured working or working out and all we get from Lindsay are pictures of clubs, smoking and in a bathing suit. Shouldn't it be illegal for this skank to wear a bathing suit in public?

285 days ago


Did you see the Too Fab pics, lol. Can anyone say PHOTOSHOPPED?

285 days ago
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