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Paul Walker Death

Image in Burning Porsche Video is NOT Paul

12/5/2013 11:06 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker did NOT make a final desperate attempt to escape the burning wreckage -- and the image seen in video shot right after the crash is definitely NOT Paul ... TMZ has learned.

There had been rampant speculation and buzz on the Internet that a shadowy figure seen around 23 seconds into the video of the burning Porsche Carrera GT ... was Walker trying to get out of the vehicle, but sources connected to the investigation now say it just isn't so ... for several reasons.

First, the sources tell us that, based on photographs of the wreckage ... Paul's body was pinned in an area of the car that makes it clear he couldn't have been flailing outside the vehicle.

Also ...we're told that based on the injuries he suffered, Paul died within a nanosecond of impact, and therefore it's impossible for the image in the video to be him.

It's not clear how long after impact the video starts, but clearly more than a nanosecond.

As for what the image really is -- we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning.


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There were people trying to get them out including the drivers 8 year old son. They were not alive. All of this speculation isnt doing the families any good so give it a rest. As for a few of the nasty comments about Paul...... Take a look at yourself before you judge others. It was a well known fact how old his girlfriend was and they were together 7 years..... The time to bitch about it has long passed.

285 days ago


Anyone can get all uppity after the fact about what they would have done but the fact is you werent there. I am sure the witnesses for the most part did what they could to get them out.... Look at the wreckage..... They did not stand a chance, fire or not.

285 days ago


I think everyone needs to stop speculating on what and how it happened and just focus on the fact that two lives were taking in such a horrific way and not just their fans but their families too. My condolences goes out to everyone touched by what has happened especially the families of paul walker and roger roda may god bless them all.

285 days ago

Ryan P    

I'm glad you resolved this. It was pretty horrible to think he was trying to escape. RIP in Paul.

285 days ago


I think its disgustingthat no one went near vehicle to try and save them no one smashed windows or anything,. People can live through wreckage you wouldn't tthink was possible. For the idiot filming sating he was dead or that it was going to blow up. You watch to many Hollywood movies. Stopping ppeoplefrom saving those men your a real aas. No cars ddon't blow up. The ppeoplethere should be charged for ffilmingit and not trying to save them.

285 days ago


" we're told law enforcement has watched the video, and based on evidence from the crash site ... it appears to be a part of the car's roof burning."

Then how did those kids steal the T-Top from the car if the roof was on fire?

285 days ago

Tammy Patterson    


285 days ago


The silhouette is someone trying to pull them out.

285 days ago


Let's be real. Yes it is sad but you have to be pretty damn reckless to lose control of a high end Porsche which has extremely good handling. And for it to catch fire after hitting a relatively small tree tells me that even more so. The saddest part is the disregard for the safety of the passenger who's family will also be forever affected. This is about as ironic as it gets. Die doing what the subject of the movies are all about - speeding and stupid street racing. People have been dying via speeding and street racing by trying to mimic all the Fast and Furious movies for years. Now that one of the main stars of the movie has been killed doing it, maybe Hollywood and the fans will finally say enough is enough. with the Fast and Furious sequels and men in their 40's trying to act like they still in their 20's.

285 days ago


I know they are trying to squelch rumors of it being paul for the sake of his family, but the truth eventually comes out. A) Cause of death is listed as injuries from the impact and thermal injuries. That means he did not die from the impact alone...nor within a nanosecond. It has been proven flames did not erupt for a full minute so he was alive for some time after the initial impact. B) if you look at the pictures of the car after the fire was extinguished there was very little if any roof present over the area of the bodies which was coveref by the tan tarp. In fact in some pictures when blown up you can clearly see roger rodas face in the driver's seat. ..which was not even near the steering wheel anymore. The car was ripped apart, so the guys were further back than you would expect. I do not believe for one second that it was the roof of the car...which was later stolen btw. As for a rescuer...I guess it's possible, but how would you explain that the figure appears to fall into the flames? It can't be someone behind the car, because the rear end of the car was wrapped around the tree making it impossible to access or even see into the car from that side. Can I be a million percent sure it was paul trying to escape. ..of course not, I wasn't there...but I don't believe the bs explanation they are trying to give. The simple fact that thermal injuries are listed as part of the cause of death prove he didn't die right away because the fire didn't start right away. It's unbelievably sad to think it was him trying to get out, but if it's going to be reported it should be done so honestly. ..not sugarcoated to spare feelings. If you want to spare feelings just don't report it at all.

285 days ago



285 days ago


Hey everybody! We are going to have a meet up at Raging Waters tomorrow in honor of the horrible tragedy that happened last weekend. Let's honor them at a water park... Because we all know that they are water sliding in heaven.

285 days ago


it was a big sad news and it's also a very terrible death................................................

285 days ago


Here is a cool tribute to Paul walker too.

284 days ago

anecito abarquez    

yes, paul mcartney i mean walker is not really dead...i knew it and he is now in heaven, he will come back on the exact date to show us that he's alive.

284 days ago
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