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Paul Walker Death

Alleged Thieves of Charred Porsche Wreckage


12/5/2013 8:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1130-paul-walker-accident-scene-car-facebook-3Two sickos got busted today for allegedly stealing parts of the Porsche Paul Walker died in Saturday afternoon ... according to the Sheriff's Department.

The accused thieves allegedly made off with a T-top from the roof of the Porsche Carrera GT while it was being towed from the accident site to an impound yard late Saturday night.

According to the L.A. County Sheriff's Department ... the two men snatched the part when the tow truck stopped at a red light -- however the truck driver saw them drive off, and helped detectives identify them.

We're told 18-year-old Jameson Witty was arrested today -- and his cohort, who is out of state, has been contacted and will surrender soon.

The T-top was recovered in Witty's home -- and, remarkably, he actually posted a pic of the loot on his Instagram and bragged, "Piece of Paul walkers car, took it off a tow truck at a stop light."

Alleged criminals are dumb.

Witty and his pal are expected to be booked for felony grand theft and tampering with evidence.


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Who's the bigger sicko? TMZ for posting pictures and videos day after day of the crash from every angle and who also paid those who provided them with the videos and pictures all for the sake of their ratings or these two fools who stole these car parts and took pictures of them?

292 days ago

Tammy LM    

Throw the book at them so hard it leaves the page numbers imprinted on their foreheads!

292 days ago


Other items from seller: Peice of Noahs Arc Condition: Like new, no water damage. Piece of The Holy Grail. Condition: Used, gold platted. Lindenburg. Peice of the Hindenburg blimp Condition: like new, no smoke or fire damage, reusable.

292 days ago


always love tmz getting self righteous then getting punked in the comments

292 days ago


@damienevil - Im not sure how he would want his fans talking to each other. But I am sure if he came back after dying in such a horrific way, he wouldn't appreciate people having been so unkind to each other with him at the center of that treatment. And who cares if he is a "celebrity". No one should be unkind to one another over words or actions regarding a dead OR alive person.

292 days ago


@Cheeshke - I question EVERY "news" outlet. So should you - and everyone else. Don't allow the eye to fool the mind.

292 days ago


@Cheeshke - If that part was "dislodged" as you theorize, why was it on the back of the tow truck? And if it WAS on the back of the tow truck, what was it attached to? The car? (a.k.a. crushed and burned pile of twisted metal) Questions are always the answer.

292 days ago

Matt m    

Felony theft for a melted piece of car. Thats a little streach. Whats the value of it i cant see it being worth anything

292 days ago


Tyrese took a small piece that was left at the scene, after it was cleaned up. There were likely many small pieces left there, including glass , that is often left behind at the scene of vehicle accidents. The difference is, that this piece was taken from the back of a tow truck, after the police had claimed it as evidence. It is no different than taking a piece of evidence fromt the trunk of a police car. Since the piece Tyrese took was not in police custody, it is not theft of any kind. It could be considered evidence, and if the police want it, they can order him to turn it over. However, it is certainly not theft. There is probably no point in explaining this. If you couldn't see the difference on your own, your probably are too dense to understand this.

292 days ago



292 days ago


With a name like witty you expect more...classless

292 days ago


What is with these idiots and crime. The goal of most criminals is to stay anonymous. You young new criminals are are truly stupid. You make it so easy for police to find you by showing everyone how ignorant you really are by advertising your exploits.

292 days ago

Hot Dumb Italian Mike    

I like you guys at TMZc, but you can't call any of his fans "sickos", considering the overabundance of story posting you're doing about P.W. Dont forget to use discretion with each post.

292 days ago


Lol TMZ. You people continue posting every aspect of this man's death and his family and friends' grieving process, yet you have the audacity to call other people "sickos"???!!! That's rich.

292 days ago

The Zombie    

That's probably a $5000 part. They can probably be charged with grand theft.

292 days ago
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