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'Fast and Furious 7' Director

We Will Finish Making the Movie

12/7/2013 9:29 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120713_james_wan_launchPaul Walker's death may have put a halt to production on "Fast and Furious 7" ... but last night the movie's director told us there are absolutely no plans to abandon the flick.

A somber James Wan was leaving LAX when he told us how the cast and crew are holding up after Paul's death a week ago ... and assured us 'F&F 7' is still a go.

Wan didn't offer details on how he'll complete the movie, but there would seem to be only two options:

1) Keep the footage they've already shot of Paul, and write out his character, Brian O'Conner.
2) Rewrite the whole thing without Brian O'Conner and shoot the movie from scratch.

Got another idea?  Write it in the comments.

Clearly, any option will require extensive script changes, so ... it remains unclear how long Universal will have to postpone production.


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I say use stunt man finsh the movie or us chris pine ..but man hope it ended wonderful..i sure will mss paul..;)

278 days ago


Possibly use a digital mask for this movie & then either have Brian & Mia take a short retirement for F&F 8 or just use a look-alike. We know Paul is gone, but I think that while we ALL love Paul Walker & everything he stood for in life, Brian O'Conner is such a great character & priceless to the success of the F&F franchise. Just like in other movies, our brains can be trained to learn characters. For instance soap operas...many people who haven't even looked alike have played the same character in back-to-back episodes. Or James many have there been? It just makes sense to honor Paul by keeping his character.

276 days ago

A man is dead and his brother is probably distressed from him being killed in a car crash. Now this GREEDY studio and director James Wan want to make the movie anyway just for more millions. Sickos. James Wan is bad luck. He should go back to directing horror movies. That's what this has turned into, a horror story

276 days ago


I think the best way to do it is to end the brian character by having him die saving Mias life. A heros death. Having him just disapear will make him look like a coward who turned his back on his friends.

274 days ago


i read another article that said they might ask Paul's younger brother to fill in and just CGI Paul's face in:

271 days ago


I think thay should make paul walkers little brother take over his big brothers role and keep it in the walker family and keep the series going i now thats what paul walker would wont for his family and fans and friends to keep the series going

271 days ago


I mean that thay should ask paul walkers little brother if he wonts to take over his big brothers role

271 days ago


I have been a fast and furious sense the first one and I want to say rip to Paul walker and I say keep what you have and have him dead protecting his family because that's what fast and furious is about family love and honor and Paul walker shows it through his life and his baby bro step up and help out the cast I send my pray to all of you y'all can finsh this movie I know it's hard to lose someone who has the light in your life and it breaks my heart to my grandma was the same to me much love to y'all and y'all family keep going don't quit antione thornton

270 days ago


Ok well I saw the preview for 7 because it is on the furious six ending and Paul Walker is in it so I would say to just get a phoney of Paul Walker and use him for the rest of the movie I mean it won't be the same but please don't start from scratch that would just be devastating.

264 days ago


Thats not entirely true. There could be a third solution to continuing the movie. Video special effexts have reach an all time high. They could simply fill in the place of brian o'conner , a look alike and edit the video to match paul walkers face. Something like what they did in twilight series with the baby growing so fast. Close ups would have to b3 kept to a minimum. But they could work with it. Either way tho script changes will have to be put in to place.

228 days ago


God bless the family and friends. I think this should be finished to tribute the family.

228 days ago


Put the part with Paul walker in the special features, R.I.P

178 days ago


I think they should use the footage of him that they have already. Common now fast and the furious is pretty much his legacy and such an accomplishments for some one so young to succeeded at

175 days ago


I think they should end Paul walkers charter I think it will show respect to him after his death and respect to his family

162 days ago
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