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Kevin Sorbo

I Got Screwed Out of BOTH New 'Hercules' Movies

12/7/2013 2:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

120713_kevin_sorbo_launchKevin Sorbo may be the most famous "Hercules" ever ... but the guys making two new flicks about the Greek God want nothing to do with him -- this according to the actor himself.

Sorbo was blowing out of LAX Saturday when we asked if he'd be in either of the "Hercules" movies coming out next year -- one starring The Rock, the other starring Kellan Lutz.

The 55-year old actor sadly informs our photog both sets of producers blew off his agent when they reached out to make it happen ... and it's painfully clear he's bitter about the whole thing.

Cameo or not ... Sorbo still gives his opinion on which Herc will reign supreme at the box-office.

Check out the clip for his answer. 


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Idiots at TMZ Hercules was a Greek hero..

328 days ago


Herc was Greek, not Roman. you TMZ idiot millennial you.

328 days ago


Hercules is Greek hero not Roman, first time i hear something like this

328 days ago


Since when was Hercules roman mythology? You guys have to graduate high school to work at tmz... right? This is the liberal school sysyem these days. Protect the teachers even if they do a sh!t job, not the kids. This is what we get.

328 days ago


Makes no sense to me, makes no sense to most of the posters here, makes no sense to Kevin or his Manager.

It's Instant-Street-Cred if Kevin's in it.

Like he said he's on in 100 different Countries -

He looks amazing, trust me he's still in fighting shape, so if not this then something else.

Older actors, writers and directors bring more to the table -

And Kevin, he's only 55.

Hardly retirement age.

Like his attitude, you just shrug.

He'll probably get another Gig based on this clip alone.

328 days ago


Wonder who his manager is -

I'd like to see him in a role as a Hit-man or some kind of Terminator.

Unstoppable Assassin-type.

Dude just off a plane he's hardly striking a pose here.

Not hiding behind shades either.

My guess is he's still in the gym full-time - that never leaves -

We train or we die.

328 days ago


Also Stallone picking Kevin up for The Expendables - that's a natural.

328 days ago


Amazing how quick someone can go from young to old.
As for the Rock, he is the same damn character in every film. And hes a walking PED advertisement. He's best when supporting a cast not leading it.

328 days ago


When Sid Caesar Walked Away From Hollywood:

Years after his King Of The Mountain Smash Hit on NBC?

The Legend Sid Caesar is invited to the Paramount lot.

For a movie they're casting.

Sid hands them his pic -

...assumes they KNOW who he is, what he's done, etc.

Little kid at the casting table, maybe 20, blinks a few times as he studies Sid -

"Have you ever DONE comedy before, Mr. Scissors?"


When you're on in 100 Countries - certain respects and amenities need apply.

You shouldn't HAVE to call them!

Sid said screw-it, that was it for him, walked away.

The Robin Williams of his time -

One of the greatest minds we've ever had out here.

Kevin's in that league - a known, proven, gifted commodity and winner.

They don't go to the back of the line and start OVER.

328 days ago


He has been bitter since the Hercules show ended. I remember reading an article about how back in the day, he blamed Lucy lawless and the xena production team for his show ending. He kept saying that xena was a spinoff off hercules and how xena ended up becoming more popular and how he hated that because his show was supposed to be the Original. This dude clearly is still hanging onto those issues from back in the day where he felt like he was being shafted for Xena. Both great shows of the 90's though.

328 days ago


Kevin is a good man and yea, that show is still in 100 countries.

Give him a Cameo. Yet I bet I know why they won't....

He's a conservative. Possibly not the reason, yet some pavement talk is that's the issue.

Too bad, he's a good guy and I bet him having a Cameo would boost their sales with all the fans he has/had as Herc.

328 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

That was back in the day Kevin. That day is long gone. You're looking a little rough. Drinking too much?

328 days ago

Ca Girl    

Glad to see Hollywood doesn't only discriminate against older women...

328 days ago


Why would anyone producing a movie about Hercules with millions of dollars say, "I'll get Kevin Sorbo, someone that everyone's already seen before for free on TV play this character role!"

328 days ago

Richie Incognegro711    

Best show ever!!! Bruce Campbell Sam raimi Kevin Sorbo. I'm laughing just remembering it

328 days ago
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