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Paris Hilton's Brother


After Fight with LiLo & Co.

12/7/2013 8:27 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Barron Hilton's injuries from a beat down -- which he claims Lindsay Lohan masterminded -- have gotten serious enough that he's seeking emergency treatment in Miami ... TMZ has learned.

Paris Hilton's bro is staying at the Fontainebleau Hotel ... where an ambulance arrived last night to take him to the hospital.

TMZ broke the story ... Barron was partying at a Miami mansion early Friday morning when he says Lindsay accused him of talking trash, and then had a male friend beat the crap out of him.

Barron was left bloodied with several cuts to his face -- and sources close to the Hiltons tell us the injuries are so bad ... he was advised to seek medical treatment immediately.

We're told Barron turned down the ambulance at his hotel, and instead got private transport to the University of Miami Hospital ... where he received various treatments -- including a CT scan.

Lindsay and her father, Michael Lohan, deny she was involved in the incident at all ... though video outside the party suggests otherwise.

No word yet on how serious his injuries are.


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Lindsay now in a period of extreme excitation, is again wondering if now she will be going to jail.
Are not things a bit tougher in the South, Florida, than in California & New York?
Must be in a frenzy of worry if she is conscious.

320 days ago


oh please. he had a cut on his nose. that hardly requires an ambulance.

320 days ago


yah ok, clearly the kid didnt need to be hospitalized, thats just the hilton lawyers advising him to gear up for some lawsuit.

whatever this whole crew Hilton/Lohan they dont get along because theyre all the same. they have a sense of entitlement and spend more time laying on their back and snorting or smoking then anything.

to hell with all of them - lets dedicate some time to Mandela's passing

320 days ago


We all know how Blo operates. She's already on probation for another year and can't do probation. She never has been able to. She belongs in jail as an accomplice and if Oprah hasn't canned her I'll be shocked.

320 days ago

my 2 cents    

Where the hell is the video !

320 days ago


Now the fiscal sh!t is going to hit the fan for Lohan. I bet that the 2 million is almost already spent and whatever left is going to go for Barron's hospital bills and suffering. Don't mistake this - he is going to sue her and he's got a better stable of lawyers than she does. She deserves to get sued, to have her probation broken and deserves to go to jail. She has been given too many chances and too many paychecks for acting a fool. Lohan is back to her thuggish, mean, nasty drunken behavior now that the OWN cameras are off.

This woman is never going to make another major motion picture again. Heck, she's never going to make another indie, or even a self-starter again. She's a lying, thieving, face-punching, drunken, cracked out, coked-up, selfish, entitled moron. America is sick to death of her and no one wants to see her in a film except her teenage Bolivian fans.

I never thought I'd say this - but team- Barron. And if Paris is smart - she will wait to exact her revenge. Because Lohan will destoy herself - all by herself - in a matter of weeks. I predict she'll be in jail on separate charges by the end of this year.

320 days ago


It's not just Paris, Lilo has to worry about!
Barron has young strong well connected parents too
with plenty of money & time.

320 days ago


He went to the hospital for those cuts? Wtf....

320 days ago


She really screwed up. Now she has to deal with Paris and who knows how far this will escalate? I hope the Hiltons just ruin this drugged up skank, even more. I love the little blurb I read that stated Lohan wasn't touching any substance and as a matter of fact was kicking out people who were drinking or using drugs. Give me a break. Did that come from the Nibbler?

320 days ago


Drama is connected to her name ...its expected

320 days ago

Obamais still aracist    

I hope he dies from his injuries and lilo has to spend 50 years in ail

320 days ago


Michael Lohan should be Lindsay's attorney. Always deny, deny, deny.

320 days ago


Well I'm sure both his eyes are black now.
& he cld have internal injuries ????
EG: Broken ribs , internal bleeding , ruptured spleen or a punctured lung etc etc etc

320 days ago

LINDSAY LOHAN'S next mugshot    


320 days ago


Somewhere, Paris is seething. Her family is probably holding her back from exploding on Lilo. Lilo clearly wasn't thinking of the bigger picture when she had her goon attack him, over some BF that won't be in her life but for 2 months at most. At 27, she should know better.

320 days ago
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