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Paul Walker Crash

Scumbag Roof Thieves CAUGHT ON TAPE

12/7/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker's fans RECORDED FOOTAGE of the scumbags who stole pieces of the wrecked Porsche GT the actor died in ... and the video, obtained by TMZ, could help prosecutors put the bad guys behind bars.

The video -- shot by fans who were at the scene to pay tribute to the actor -- captured the moments when two men ran over to the Porsche, which was on a tow truck, and ripped off pieces of the roof.

The crooks then sprinted away from the car ... as the fans screamed at them to stop and honked their  car horn to alert other people about the crime.

We broke the story ... cops were called and quickly arrested one of the suspects. The other man fled the state, but cops say they know who he is and expect the guy to turn himself in soon.

The men will most likely be charged with felony grand theft and tampering with evidence -- and if convicted, they could both face some serious jail time.


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The piece of garbage "fans" who caught this on video are just as guilty as the ones who took pieces, just not as smart.

219 days ago


This incident could have been avoided if the wrecker had a simple police escort (front & back). They could have used two of the numerous law enforcement officers standing around talking that weren't critical to the scene. There are always going to be people that want a souvenir or something to sell from a highly publicized celebrity death. It can bring out the worst in people.

219 days ago


Drug users and homophobes - are our heroes. But these guys are s***bags?

219 days ago


They stole trash. It's a metal heap. The s***bag is actually tmz who refuses to let the man rest and causes an uproar at the stupidest events. Tmz you ****ing suck the only thing U help with is bringing our society down that's it.

219 days ago

Houdinis Scrotum    

I call them "entrepreneurs". **** all all you cry babies.

219 days ago

The New Improved Sock Puppet    

TMZ refers to a few punks as s***bags while they would have paid double or triple digit K's for pics inside the burning car, offered with an apology of course. . No one is exploiting more or making more money on site hits than TMZ with it's in relenting barrage of stories about this.

219 days ago


What a bunch of hypocrites, Calling others S*umbags while you lot follow a young girl around who is recovering with mental issues

219 days ago


Normally I would give the benifit of the doubt but it's clear they knew they where doing wrong. Intent is everything

218 days ago

jedd wilson    

did you hear about these "s***bags" who exploit him and his family by running story after story to make a buck?

218 days ago


so what about the friend that took a piece and also put a photo online . how is he not in trouble for tampering with evidence in his case is grief and this kids get evidence tampering

218 days ago

jedd wilson    

wasnt terese a s***bag thief,felon ,when he took something from the crashscene,tampering with evedience?all depends on who you are.

218 days ago


I have to agree with some of these comments....there's a lot of people that would have loved the chance to grab a piece of that wreck, to brag about having, to sell it, whatever. These kids made a dumb move, jail time though? Nahh And I love Tyrese! But he posted online a piece of the wreckage he grabbed, why is it okay for him but these dumb kids could go to prison!?

218 days ago


TMZ is like the villager in Salem shouting "witch!". These young fools make a stupid decision, but STOP trying to portray them as murderers or something. TMZ is irresponsible and should be ashamed.

218 days ago


in my opinion,these guys were just as sick for filming pauls car, it just so happened they caught wot is being called a crime in progress... who's to say they werent gonna sell this footage

218 days ago


funny...when this first happen you posted a picture of his friend with a piece of the wreckage...thats ok??? its just horrible when a stranger does it??

218 days ago
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