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Stars and Scars

You Be the Judge

12/7/2013 12:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

It's been a busy week for celebrities ... Lindsay Lohan allegedly ordered a beating on Paris HIlton's baby brother, and Justin Bieber pissed off everyone in Australia.  So, we gotta ask ...


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I don't think there's enough polls in this article

264 days ago

bring back recent posts    

....side note.... Is it not time too remove that orange faced (typical ) shot of Kim just below...I keep thinking I have too change my lightening on here..Halloween is over

264 days ago


I enjoy TMZ but I think it's a little too soon and tasteless to link Paul Walker into "celebrity gossip" stars and scars post. It was a tragic accident not some celebrity f&ck up. Shame on you TMZ. All the compassion went out the window. Garbage.

264 days ago

Major Tom    

Bieber hasn't finished with Australia!!! Today one of his goons pushed an innocent Father down some stairs. That's what happens if you accidentally stay at the same hotel as Bieber. He needed to be taken away in an ambulance along with one of his daughters who suffered a panic attack after witnessing the incident. Go home child!!!

264 days ago


Bieber's a grubby little wanker, not one part of him can be seen as an artist... just a nob with a pretty voice. Apart from prepubescent girls and 40yr men who live with their mothers, Australia does not like him.

264 days ago


isn't that calling the kettle black
those two are S C U M BAGS BUT TMZ is the lowest of the S C U M G A G S with all the crappy stories of the death of Paul Walker. Any thing to make a buck.

264 days ago


Tmz please fix your website its ridiculous i click on the same article three times and three times it takes me to a different article come on now

264 days ago


That 34% think the Walker crash was a "freak accident" not caused by speed really goes to show that people can justify ANYTHING no matter how obvious the truth is.

264 days ago


What a joke. On these polls most don't think Lindsay is using and on the other one most think she is using.

Correct answer: She's using. Alcohol and/or med and/or other substances.

264 days ago


Paul Walker started dating his girlfriend when she was 16 and he was 33! Isn't that illegal?

264 days ago


I am personally offended that you people would even think of putting Paul Walker in the same category as these poor excuses of human beings, nobody cares about Lindsay Lohan, she's DONE and the only people who follow her are junkies like her! Justin Bieber is a Vanilla Ice story waiting to happen except this time it'll probably be a happy ending with him OD'ing or simply finding a MAN to put his dumb pee wee looking self in his refrain from comparing Paul to these jokes, he was an extraordinary human being and his memory should always remain as an excellent person who enjoyed his privacy. It's insulting to even see his picture next to these dumb excuses of human beings. It's heartbreaking! We lost two bright, amazing souls this past weekend (3 along with Mr. Mandela) and the pain is still very much inside of the people who loved and/or admired him. Please respect!

264 days ago


Where's your story about the police being turned away twice trying to interview LL about the nightclub beating? TMZ never seems to report these stories of typical LL behavior until all other outlets have broken the news. What gives?

263 days ago


LMAO. The only thing people seem to unanimously agree on is Bieber is a d-bag.

263 days ago

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