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Barron Hilton

Cops ID Face Puncher

... And Now They Want Answers

12/8/2013 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208_Barron-Hilton_lilo_getty_tmz2The guy who's being accused of punching the crap out of Barron Hilton's face this week has been ID'd by police ... and now cops are on a mission to crack the case ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the puncher has been identified based on witness testimony as New York resident Ray LeMoine -- and now they want his side of the story.

We're told officers attempted to interview Ray yesterday outside the house where he allegedly beat up Paris Hilton's little bro on Friday ... but nobody was home.

As for Lindsay Lohan -- who's being accused of orchestrating the attack -- our sources say they tried to question LiLo yesterday at her new hotel ... but she was M.I.A. both times.



No Avatar


He should have beat him harder.

320 days ago


My money is on the Hilton's taking a hit out on Lindsay. They don't like getting their hands dirty.

320 days ago

liberal racist    

lindsay is still just as gross as ever

320 days ago


No one cares this rich p#ssy got punched TMZ. If it was me he would be in a coma.

320 days ago


He's a mouthy douche bag. Deserved it

320 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

So this is Lohan's new pimp . . . big deal. Just some mindless muscle to keep Lohan's johns in line. No doubt a few bruises to Lohan along the way doesnt't hurt.
She's such a gross slag.

320 days ago

Big D    

I really need to stop reading TMZ. I'm so tired of all the problems these richer a holes have. They have it so rough. they have no idea what a tough life is. Haven no idea what unemployment, living pay check to pay check, being homeless is. They are millions of unemployed American's who have no idea how they are going to feed their families, provide housing, medical care. It will do this rich dude good to get the crap beat out of him, do they know how many homeless people and attacked and beaten every single day. He's gets whipped and goes in to the best hospital and best doctors money can buy. Homeless people just roll with the punches. The only celebrities I have even a bit of respect for are the ones that are never on TMZ and are only seen on TV or in the Movies. TMZ is all about a small number of small time celebrity who's life is no insignificant they have to all act like bad asses. They make me sick. I'm sure there are some celebrities doing good things for their communities, lets give them some of the Spot Light for a change.

320 days ago


A coke addicted, famous for nothing , porn star with less talent then KK or washed up child star addicted to everything. This would make a great hunger games, they could fight to the death over: coke, bottles of liquor and invitations to parties.

320 days ago


It's time to end this little feud. I vote for bikinin jello wrestling.

320 days ago


Dear Miami Metro Police..... please let Linds go free from charges concerning her latest crime of felony conspiracy to commit aggravated assault. Auntie NICOLE says if you don't, she'll smash another DVD on Twitter and nibble even MORE nieces.

320 days ago


Street_Justice meets Court_System.

Ray knows they arrest him during the inquiry.

They say it's an "inquiry" -

Call it an inquiry.

...but they have cuffs, an arrest warrant and a hand-picked cell.

Does he deny or admit it.

Does he finger Lindsey or take the fall.

Wait, that didn't come out right...

320 days ago


In Florida, a punch to the face is a "simple battery" a misdemeanor crime that if the cops do not witness it - they cannot make an arrest until the prosecutor decides to drop it or file the charge. It would be difficult to prove LiLo has some criminal responsibility because they have to prove she had "intent"... All LiLo has to do is say..." I said the guy deserves a slap" but I never thought the dude would actually slap him. Plus, the dude who punched the Barron can simply say...he never heard LiLO say anything...

Next case please....

320 days ago


Ray's gonna spew all over Lindsay like a Middle Eastern tag team at a New Year's Eve party.

320 days ago


The fact is Brandon Davis's rant with Paris about Lindsay's girl parts (firecrotch) was so despicable and vile it's no wonder Lindsay's friends want revenge.

320 days ago


The question is, who can pay Ray more, the Lohans or the Hiltons? Think about it.

320 days ago
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