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Barron Hilton

Cops ID Face Puncher

... And Now They Want Answers

12/8/2013 10:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1208_Barron-Hilton_lilo_getty_tmz2The guy who's being accused of punching the crap out of Barron Hilton's face this week has been ID'd by police ... and now cops are on a mission to crack the case ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the puncher has been identified based on witness testimony as New York resident Ray LeMoine -- and now they want his side of the story.

We're told officers attempted to interview Ray yesterday outside the house where he allegedly beat up Paris Hilton's little bro on Friday ... but nobody was home.

As for Lindsay Lohan -- who's being accused of orchestrating the attack -- our sources say they tried to question LiLo yesterday at her new hotel ... but she was M.I.A. both times.



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Ronald RayGun    

Hey, Lohan! I've been talking smack about you all along. Why don't you come over here and kick my a$$ then? I dares you! I even double dares you!! fricken coward!

320 days ago


Barron Hilton's only crime is being young.

Oh, and coming from a well-heeled family.

We all shoot our mouths off at his age -

Hate all the bad press he's getting - all the hate.

Hope it makes him stronger.

320 days ago


"Ray Lemoine Deserves a Medal."
about an hour ago

Ray mighta felt that way when it happened.

Doubt he feels that way now.

Hope it's his last go-round with violence.

Bonus'd be to also walk away from alcohol/whatever.

320 days ago


Lmao really? I swear the Hilton's are nothing but attention whores. You got your a$$ whooped now you should learn to keep your mouth shut if you can't fight. I'm sure the guy just didn't attack you for no reason you were running your mouth and you got your a$$ beat. Get over it it's not like you have life threading injuries. Paris just please take a seat you have plenty of people wanting to beat the sh!t out of you too you snoody a$$ bitch!

320 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

HEY TMZ!!!!!!!
Why are you using a five year old picture of that slag in your "EXCLUSIVE!!! piece of total bull sh yte? Show her the way she really is - never mind -- that'll never happen, it's obvious you people are a group of useless toads.

320 days ago


The other question Ray has to answer:

If the alleged dude talking the alleged smack about Lindz?

Is a young Mike Tyson and not Barron?

Is he just as aggressive?

Or does Ray issue a waiver.

We pick and choose our victims.

I was chosen as a victim when I was 3, 4 and 5.

Not able to defend myself.

Against a savage pretending to be Lynn_Housewife.

Never forgot those beatings - merely pretended to.

Until it was time to pay 'ol_ Lynn a house-call.

Meaning I loathe bullies.

320 days ago


Hate to say it, but I'm on Lindsay's side, the Hiltons are pathetic, big ass liars as well. Never heard of this Ray guy, and there is no pictures of Lindsay with this Ray guy ether, Baron is obviously a lying piece of ****, trying to get fame and attention and money out of Lindsay.

Sorry, hate me if you'd like, why would Lindsay go get somebody to beat somebody up who talked **** about her to her boyfriend or some ****?

Sorry doesn't add up, seems completely false.

320 days ago


A case of people having too much money and not enough sense or morals

320 days ago


When the Oprah do***entary about Lindsay's new life after rehab airs it is going to be the biggest bomb in TV history. Oprah is going to look like a fool for giving her
2 million dollars.

320 days ago


I wonder how many stories this website will be able to make out of this story. I have a feeling they are going to stretch it out all week long, with a few more Paul Walker stories in between

320 days ago


The only reason why she was MIA was because she fled the scene. And for those who just happened to come on here to defend her or take her side, shame on you! You're the reason why she is going to an early grave.

320 days ago


I'm on the side of the US Constitution. Lindsay was under no obligation to talk to LE. She didn't "flee".

320 days ago


Y did/'t Barron leave after the first punch...and what kind of punches leaves onky straight cuts....the skin is clean and clear everywhere else

320 days ago

david 183    

I'm sure these two skanks slept together at some point while drinking and sniffing cocaine.

320 days ago


LiLow Skank

320 days ago
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