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Paul Walker

Sicko Tried Selling Burned Tree Bark From Crash Scene

12/8/2013 12:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1206-paul-walker-crash-splash-gettySome deranged creep tried to make a quick buck off Paul Walker's death by selling pieces of burned bark he claims he took from the tree Paul crashed into ... TMZ has learned.

The seller says he took 6 pieces of charred tree (pictured below) from the crash site and put them on eBay -- asking for at least $100 per item.

But we've learned ... the seller had a change of heart (which might have had something to do with the hate mail he got) and he decided to to pull the auction for good.

The seller tells TMZ, "I would like to apologize to the family, friends, and fans of Paul Walker.  At the time I listed the bark for sale, I did not realize the emotional impact it would have."


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If a person lives there and sees that crash site, I can nderstand getting he idea and not thinking about the backfire it could bring. The guy apologized. I don't think he's a bad person for it and it's not unforgivable. It was just a human blunder. No harm no foul. He shouldn't be persecuted for it.

318 days ago


I'm pretty sure that on oft that pieces looks like Walkers's roasted ear. That's Ddddisgusting!

318 days ago


Did he get any buyers or offers? It's not that sick. women have their babies killed. Why don't people squack about that?

318 days ago


You're the sickos for reporting every little detail of this tragedy.

318 days ago


Selling bark = Bad Flogging the death of an actor 8 days after he died (TMZ) = good ??? This site would not be here if didnt make $$money$$.

318 days ago


Not to diminished the popularity of Paul - but this memorial will be turned into a speedball rally for every dewsh with a Subaru Impreza & cheese-ball exhaust pipes...You know the ones that continue to make noise even after you let-off the gas? (Baaadoondaaah!) Of course the Hollywood trash will all dress in new Prada-black and matching sunglasses to show up looking for some drama...regardless if they ever met the dude. In fact, tickets will be sold on Craigslist... Hey! I got Paul Walker Memorial - box seats x 4 with limo for $2,795...hey where's the after party - they will whisper...

We have suffered thousands of tragic fatalities amongst our troops who were killed in combat...not some reckless, mid-life crisis car forgive me if I skip the ceremony

318 days ago


selling bark from the tree is no different than the movie people exploiting his death for ticket sales or Vin Diesel showing up to exploit Mr. Walker. everyone exploit these idiots, even thier families (look at the Jacksons) so don't pass judgement

318 days ago

liberal racist    

will they have an open casket wake?

318 days ago


This was a terrible tragedy but my god he wasn't president of a country enuf already

318 days ago


Just let the guy rest in peace. As long as you keep talking about it, his family and friends will not be able to move on.

318 days ago


I am so freaking sick of hearing about this guy. Yes he was hot- but not only did his buddy kill himself and Walker but they could have killed countless other people with their recklessness and disregard for human life. 85 mph in a 30mph zone? irresponsible. thank God nobody else died. he is no hero- let it go.

318 days ago


You call the person selling the tree bark a "SICKO" yet you repeatedly post photos of the burned out Porsche. You do realize the tarp in the photo you publish is covering the burned remains of the deceased and you have the nerve to call the seller a sicko. Everytime that photo is published I hope you realize you could be making the family and friends relive the horror that happened to both of them that day.

318 days ago

Bruce Allen    

Only the "me" generation would be so heartless, self serving and greedy...

318 days ago


I am so sorry for what happened. I find too difficult to believe that two experienced drivers such as paul walker and Roger Rodas crushed because of the high speed ....... I think they are giving a too easy explanation to the happening.
maybe a tire exploded?
maybe they tried to hit pedestrian or another car?
steering bar damaged?
by using current technology ( images from civil or militar satellite) you can understand many things.
have a look at the youtube link below to see what a broken steering bar can cause.

I am very sorry for the happening and first of all for their families.

enrico modena italy

318 days ago


It doesn't matter if that was from a popular person or just another human being! What a jack ass to try to sell pieces of the bark from the tree that ended up in a death! That person should be banned from selling anything on Ebay forever. HOW LOW CLASS AND MORONIC THAT IDIOT IS!

318 days ago
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