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Porsha Williams

Kordell TRIED To Muzzle Me

... I Told Him to Stick It

12/8/2013 12:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


Kordell Stewart tried to legally block Porsha Williams from blabbing about his personal life on "Real Housewives of ATL" back in April ... but she blew him off and trashed him anyway, TMZ has learned.

TMZ obtained legal docs showing the former NFL star approached Porsha back in April (right after he filed for divorce) and asked her to sign a confidentiality agreement ... in which they would both agree to keep their marriage problems private. 

But Porsha -- probably knowing if she didn't talk about Kordell, she would lose screen time (and possibly her role on the show) -- refused to sign the document ... and turned up the Kordell-bashing to an all-time high. During the show, she even implied he was secretly gay.

The marriage officially ended last week -- and just a few days after the divorce was finalized, Porsha seemed extremely pleased with her new single status.


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Trash. All trash.

297 days ago


What a disgusting cow. She acts like she's the hottest piece of @$$ in the world. She looks like a man with eye lashes and fake hair. YOU ARE NOT HOT! Addition by subtraction I say. Ratchet @$$ cows have to go. That's why black men MARRY other races of women. Disgusting.

297 days ago


NEVER marry a black woman if you can get better. Kordell had to learn the hard way. Leave the ghetto neck rolllers to the ex cons.

297 days ago


It was always rumored in the NFL he was in the closet, comes as no surprise to me.

297 days ago


I hope kordell sues this dumb ass air head snail brained bitch. It jst burns her up that Kordell left her dumb ass and kicked her out of HIS home. Every chance she gets to run her motor mouth she talks about Kordell being gay, she's pathetic married an alleged gay man and getting pregnant by an alleged homo !!! She's a digusting wanna be loser dumb b!tch thinks there's 245 days in a year......... lol she's such a blonde bimbette

297 days ago


Kordell is a jerk. He should not be looked down if he is gay. The part that makes him look slimy is that he tried to marry a beard that he could control. Porscha isn't blameless though either. She's not that bright, but it's hard to believe that she had no clue that he was gay. It seems the most likely that they had an "understanding". You take care of me and provide me with the high life, ( porscha) and I'll keep your secret. When it blew up all bets were off on both sides. They were at one time both getting something out of it. This has nothing to do with porscha being black. People get married all the time for financial and other reasons. But if you have an "agreement" with your spouse, you may not want to go on a reality show where your every move will be examined. Both of them are lame.

297 days ago


Kordel is a ***...

297 days ago


Can anyone shut up a scorned soon to be divorced broad?

297 days ago


Entertainment, much like the plantation blacks gathering around the "big" house to sing and dance for the master.

297 days ago


Some say he should sue. He could. But he knows he shouldn't. Porsha didn't say he was gay. She hinted that something wasn't right because he didn't "want" her. Secondly, he has to worry about the past that could jump up and bite him in the a**. Every person he had dealings with will come forward and it will not be pretty. He needs to keep silent and live his life in private. Porsha should move on and live her life. Find a man who wants a family.

297 days ago


She is absolute trash. All the women on those pathetic housewife shows are nobodies and are losers who pick on others for ratings. The people that watch this type of crap are no better.

297 days ago


Team Porsha! Kordell was an ahole with a weird shaped football head

296 days ago


good for her.

296 days ago


Listen black women call all black men gay its their way of controlling them have you noticed black men are extremely homophobic its because of them they teach you being gay is the worst thing since Hitler so when they see it or suspect someone is gay they feel the need to attack that person and that's why a lot of downlow black men remain that way and they feel the need to over compensate to prove their straightness they teach you gay is frowned upon and you don't want to be that so they call black men gay to get them to do what they say disagree or do anything a black female doesn't like she'll call you gay to get you to agree or do what she likes its nothing new look at that Atlanta mall cop video what did she have her son saying "that's why you gay" you'd have a hard time finding a black male that hasn't been called gay in his life time by a black female and the gag order was probably not to protect his sexual preference like she's trying to make it seem but to prevent her from running to the media and trying to further profit off of their relationship and if he was gay someone explain why didn't she file for divorce? She's just a bitter ex-wife trying to further ruin him

296 days ago


Isn't KORDELL a brand of bathroom tissue?

296 days ago
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