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Justin Bieber

I'm Not A Man...

I'm Just A Boy

12/9/2013 9:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
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Justin Bieber is whining about being Justin Bieber ... and even though he's been doing everything he can to be seen as a grown-up, he now claims he's just a misunderstood "19-year-old-boy."

JB was on the radio with Ryan Seacrest this morning to plug his new documentary, "Justin Bieber's Believe" ... which he claims will show how difficult it's been for him to go from teen star to manhood in the public spotlight.

That's odd, talking about becoming a man ... while complaining he's just a boy? Can't have it both ways, Biebs.

Justin also told Seacrest "I'm not a robot, I'm a human being" ... who sometimes pees in kitchen mop buckets.


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i think ur a cool person and i understand

263 days ago


Well, i really dont understand u guys. Aw, come one, he's 19. He hasnt fully been a man yet. You guys said he needed to act right. He's trying to do so, and trying to make people get him a little bit. But you guys dont admit it and just bring some old tales to judge him. When he's sweet, you say he's a girl. When he's bad, you guys comment he's a little punk. Oh, come on, when will you stop? You hate him and nothing is gonna change no matter what he does.
Back to boy and man issue, r u sure that you are fully grown when you're 19? Some of you, maybe right now are about 19, sitting at home, no jobs, no higher education, spending mama money and hating on the one, at least, knows how to earn money and live indepently :)) at the same time, you admit you're a man while doing nothing but watching tv, surfing net all day? Well, what kind of man r you?
And TMZ, i love you so much :)) do you need to check every words people say, every actions they do and turn small things into big deals? You're so funny. Oops, i'm sorry, i shouldnt blame you cos you just bring out bad facts about people not everything. Hardly can i find some real nice fact about celebs on you, babe :)) well, youre so mean, TMZ. I just want to say " **** off TMZ". what kind of breaking news is that? So much information :))))) LOL.

263 days ago


J.B. is not misunderstood he just a brat just needs a good old fashion whipping to set him straight

263 days ago

Sarah Elizabeth    

So, he's being criticized for saying he's "becoming a man" and then saying that he's just a "boy?" In other words, he's being criticized for telling the total, absolute truth?

Sounds about right. Makes perfect sense.

263 days ago


Give the kid a break. He is still young. He improbably has the maturity as a 15 year old. Boys mature slower. I don't know why some many people hate him. He is talented, good looking and seems like a normal kid.leave him alone damn.

263 days ago


He should hook up with Miley Cyrus. A match made in heaven. Or should I say hell.

263 days ago


To bad justin briber didn't crash and a car and burn to death

263 days ago

Nobody Special    

Beaver has been experimenting with Bisexual relations, there is a telling photo on the internet with Justine Beaver in bed with 2 black boys, LiL Ding and LiL Dong. Justine is Bi Curious and is having sex with both girls and trannys on the road. Throw a Wig on Justin and Cop-A-Skirt from Kangay and Justin will be ready to take it from behind anytime.

Beaves Plucked her eyebrows on the way
Shaved her legs and then he was a she,
Take a Walk on the Wild Side, and the Color Girls go.....

263 days ago


who told you a man ??? man don't kid with your self u still a baby :) ,,

263 days ago


WHY ISN'T TMZ reporting the fact that Argentina now has an International Arrest Warrant for Bieber ?? If you can read spanish, here's the article headline. "Justin Bieber already has international arrest warrant: the video of the singer in Argentina that served as evidence". A link to the article:

262 days ago

Just Me    

This Doooche bag should be deported back to Canada

262 days ago


You mean I'm just a Girl...... A duh....

262 days ago


Geez this little boy has the facial hair of a girl. I mean really, talk about slowly hitting puberty....

33 days ago

Ming the Merciless    

He's not a man or a boy, he's just a girl who likes boys.

15 days ago



14 days ago
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