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Lindsay Lohan Party


12/9/2013 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0290_lindsay_lohan_barron_hilton_drug_photos_launchHere they are ... pics of the drug aftermath at Lindsay Lohan's mansion party in Miami ... showing two burned out joints and something that appears to be the remnants of a baggie of cocaine.

TMZ already reported there was coke and booze EVERYWHERE at the party before things got violent ... and now, we've got pics of the mansion taken after everyone left the scene.  

It's unclear who the drugs belonged to ... but Lindsay's camp insists the actress kept her nose clean the entire night ... and didn't booze either.

Still, Lindsay knows ... insane mansion parties in Miami aren't exactly bastions of sobriety ...  and Lohan (who's still on probation) knows she shouldn't have put herself in that situation in the first place.

In fact, we're told after the rager ... and subsequent fight ... we're told Lindsay scrambled to find a private jet to get her ass out of town ... calling several private jet owners hoping to call in a favor.

Eventually, she found a ride ... and in a pic obtained by TMZ, you can see Lindsay smiling on the plane ... as if she doesn't have a care in the world.



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en Todo Momento!!    

what ...?
i've seen parties of twelve year olds with more action than that as the aftermath. drug fueled?.... looks like some people were hanging out watching netmovieflix or something

314 days ago


Looks like white trash hotel room instead of a movie star hotel room. Dirty and nasty.

314 days ago


She's such a POS.

314 days ago


So people are so stupid.

Anyone can take a n unrelated picture of random "drugs", a picture of LL chilling, and then make up a fake story to generate interest. All they're doing here is making fake stories up in order to get page views and generate revenue from advertising.

Man, I'm in the wrong industry. I should make a website that creates fake drama in order to generate revenue.

314 days ago


Whose ****.did shr have to blow for the free ride? Dumb beatch your a dirty has been junkie get it through your thick skull now go OD already geesh.

313 days ago


Yeah, yeah, Lohan goes to bed early while everybody is taking drugs and drinking loads of alcohol. Really believable story there. Like the story that she snorted cocaine only 5 times...yeah, in an hour probably. Are people dumb to believe all the bull****?

313 days ago


Are you people so bored with your little chicken sh+t lives you just have to insult someone you don't know and will never meet.
You must be the type that thinks you elevate yourselves by belittling others.
In truth you lower yourselves beneaththem.

313 days ago


Didn't one of Paris Hilton's rich friend call Lindsay Lohan a fire crotch and made other very horrible comments to her? Isn't funny now that Oprah has taken a interest in Lindsay Lohan and wants to help her, out of the blue Paris Hilton Brother makes nasty comments to Lindsay as well. I would like to know how come everyone connect to Paris Hilton has such a problem with Lindsay. Could it be Lindsay does have a talent in acting and that is one thing Paris can't buy, you either have talent or like Paris you don't. I believe Paris Hilton is behind all that is going on with Lindsay. There is not a doubt in my mind Lindsay was to young when Paris became her friend and ever since Lindsay has been spiraling down. Paris is a cancer to any young talent. Children if you want to pursue a acting career and you have talent stay away from anyone who has the last name of Hilton.

313 days ago


I can tell you right now those arent joints , U know why??? Joints darken the paper from all the tar from the weed :/ Tobacco doesnt darken papers XD even cops know that

312 days ago


She is supposedly IN recovery...she should not be at a party where there are drugs. She is also on probation..a violation of wonder she wanted to get outta town quick..

310 days ago


LOL Awsome pics linds!

291 days ago
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