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Lindsay Lohan Party


12/9/2013 10:34 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

0290_lindsay_lohan_barron_hilton_drug_photos_launchHere they are ... pics of the drug aftermath at Lindsay Lohan's mansion party in Miami ... showing two burned out joints and something that appears to be the remnants of a baggie of cocaine.

TMZ already reported there was coke and booze EVERYWHERE at the party before things got violent ... and now, we've got pics of the mansion taken after everyone left the scene.  

It's unclear who the drugs belonged to ... but Lindsay's camp insists the actress kept her nose clean the entire night ... and didn't booze either.

Still, Lindsay knows ... insane mansion parties in Miami aren't exactly bastions of sobriety ...  and Lohan (who's still on probation) knows she shouldn't have put herself in that situation in the first place.

In fact, we're told after the rager ... and subsequent fight ... we're told Lindsay scrambled to find a private jet to get her ass out of town ... calling several private jet owners hoping to call in a favor.

Eventually, she found a ride ... and in a pic obtained by TMZ, you can see Lindsay smiling on the plane ... as if she doesn't have a care in the world.



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Yurra Knutz    

Where the drugs at?

286 days ago



286 days ago


My personal favorite Lindsay Lohan qoutes:

"'I'm on vitamins now"
"Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me"
"I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me is pointless"
I've only done it (cocaine)maybe four or five times in my life"
Lindsay on clubbing "That’s not my thing anymore. I went out, actually, a few months ago with a friend. And I was so uncomfortable. I am more of a homebody"
"Alcohol is not in my house, so it's just not a part of my life"
"The black kid was driving"
"Those arnt my pants!"

286 days ago

Suzy Q     

Lohan Family Mottos:

"Never leave a party until the baggies are empty and the bottles are on their sides."

"Never leave a baggie behind."

286 days ago


Who are all these stupid rich people ENABLING HER? When she is dead, they're to blame.

286 days ago

John Elliott    

Harvey you sure do make it difficult for a girl to even attempt to turn her life around. It's Hollywood and young people POt is zero big deal. Coke is the normal just because someone is on site does not mean they did anything. The whole fight is a joke Barron got a few scraps that is. He is not even man enough to take his lumps like a man. he is a sniveling little punk. Actually report some news that is not all speculation or gossip your photos and video mean nothing. Florida even has a law allowing a renter or owner to physically remove someone from your property. Non issue.

286 days ago

delusional much LL?    

lowhan's a disgusting,vile, shameless a--hole.
can't wait till karma catches up with her.

it isn't about being a former "child star" ," too much too soon" , being an addict .
lowhan is just a horrible person .
she's her parents daughter for sure.
rotten to the core.

glad oprah felt this was the person who needed to be rewarded....great call .

286 days ago


This reminds of the SNL skit Miley Cyrus did about the gov shut down and all the republicans partying and then you see Obama peeping through the door looking shocked. I can just picture Oprah peeping through the door while Lindsay is getting her drug fest on, watching her 2 mil go down the drain.

286 days ago


I wonder what type of favors the jet owners, get in return??

286 days ago


After losing Paul Walker we are coming back to normal celebrities news like drags crap voilence

286 days ago


"as if she doesn't have a care in the world"

Because she DOESN'T. Dumb skank gets away with everything

286 days ago


If this was Lindsay dont you think she wold clean her mess up? So there wouldn't be pictures like this flashing around the internet? Also doesn't Lindsay smoke Parliament brand cigarettes? So that is another clue that the drugs most likely aren't hers.

286 days ago


She DOESN'T have a care in the world. Why else would all the pictures be surfacing. It's not like she doesn't know people are out there waiting to take pictures of her screwing up...she does. Sorry, but if I was in her situation, I would not be posting pictures of myself all the time "after the fact" or "when it all happened". It's the same as putting it in writing...YOU DON't!! She is the all time drama queen. She can't live without the drama and attention.

286 days ago


anyone else notice they ran out of toilet paper?

286 days ago


Does anybody really care. I mean come on. The only time i
the future when there will be a relevant story on Lohan is when she finally snuff herself......

286 days ago
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