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Jay Z

Nelson Mandela Shout Out:

If Y'all Got a Dream, Chase That Muthaf***er Down

12/10/2013 7:42 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Jay Z performed a show-stopping tribute to Nelson Mandela in L.A. -- and if it sounds familiar ... that's because he laid down the same exact tribute to Trayvon Martin months ago.

During the intro to his hit, "Young Forever" ... Jay told the Staples Center crowd last night, "We wanna dedicate this song to Nelson Mandela."

The crowd sang along and put cell phones in the air -- but some critics are calling out Jigga because during his summer tour he frequently performed the song and dedicated it to Trayvon.

Look, it's not like the song is NOT appropriate for Mandela -- but is the sentiment cheapened if it's a rerun?


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Classless comment. Surely Mr Mandela deserves better.

294 days ago

American Patriot    

Jay z. Is a drug dealer everyone knows that.s how he got his money. The thing with BLAcK people is that this type of fellow is their kind of hero

When will these uneducated class of people realize that they are being hoodwinked by pimps and thugs?

294 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Ok, I'll do just that. I want to meet Mel Gibson, so does any of you guys know where I can find that mfer ? LOL

294 days ago

Such a classy way to remember Mr. Mandela.

294 days ago


Since Jay-Z says he's a "brand" and "hustler" and all about the money, why would he expect anyone to take him seriously here and not see this as an attempt to turn profit off the dead?

294 days ago


All of you people hating. what did u do to honor mandela? sit on your computers and talk ****? No you were all to busy giving to charities

294 days ago


The racist commenters are back i see....dam, they still make people like y'all??

294 days ago

Sohail Ahmed    

Amazing n interesting....

294 days ago


Until Jay Z breaks $$$$ ties with racial profilers, he is nothing but a lying azz faker making mega $$$ off those who are victims of his business partners. Too bad he can't be profiled. But his ugly azz is so uniquely ugly, even Stevie Wonder would recognize him.

294 days ago


Mandela was a great man for South Africa. But he was no friend of the U.S.. A typical socialist that blamed the U.S. for everything. Now, the ignorant leftist will get on here and start name calling. That's ok. The truth will always prevail in the end.

294 days ago


How dare he speak that language when addressing such a kind, gracious man... Mr Mandela did not HAVE TO RESORT to THAT kind of language to get people to love him ! There 's your lesson Jz ... shock language equal no message! Grow up!

294 days ago


How many times and ways do musicians repackage their commercial art. I think I have seen Elton John repackage "Candle in the Wind" a gazillion times..JZ was doing the same..who cares..If the general public thinks this is a cheap trick they should wake up turn off their iphones, iPads, TV's ..Nearly every "real" sentiment that is voiced today is a regurgitated marketing ploy from some earlier articulation.

294 days ago


At one time i would have believed Jay-Z tribute to Mandela until i realize what's really real. After that Barney eposide, it wouldn't surprise me if Jay-Z couldn't tell you 2 things about Mandela. Remember that situation at Barney's, your boy Jay did say he wasn't making any money off the Barney deal. that's fine and dandy, but he still mess the point. We don't that he's not making any money, the purpose is for Barney's not to make any money. Can he say Barney's not making anything, or will he throw that ragedy 25% he's donating to Blacks education. B.S. Barney's stands to make a whole lot more than that ragedy 25% he was donating plus it's a tax write off for him anyway. Mandela will turn over in his grave, seeing you trying to act like your tribute was from the heart. when we all know you can now count the amount of blacks on one hand Jay-z deals with on a regular basis..........

294 days ago


I have a dream...somebody kill kanye , Chris brown an rush limbaugh!

294 days ago


Why is it our media feeds us non stop coverage of the funeral of a non American and we see zilch of our fallen American soldiers?

294 days ago
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