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Paris Hilton

Hangs w/ Ultimate Lohan Enemy

... The Firecrotch Guy!!

12/10/2013 8:57 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1210-paris-jason-instagramParis Hilton has reawakened one of her strongest anti-Lohan alliances -- her friendship with Brandon Davis -- AKA the guy behind the legendary "Lindsay Lohan Is a Firecrotch" attack!!!

Paris and Brandon were spotted together at the Jay Z concert in L.A. last night ... and we're guessing the timing of the public reconnection is no coincidence, since Paris is back at war with Lindsay.

Of course, Davis (grandson of oil baron Marvin Davis) annihilated Lohan back in 2006 ... going on one of the most epic street rants of all time ... ripping her for her body odor, the color of her genitals ... and her financial situation.

Paris was by Brandon's side during the rant, cackling the entire time.

Wonder what he would say about Lindsay this time around?


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Paris sucks !!! Old Girl needs to dissapper.

283 days ago


What a bunch of nobodies.

283 days ago


This is not becoming, Paris.

Let your brother learn to fight his own battles and how to keep his mouth shut. This can and will backfire otherwise.

Furthermore, you are too old for this. Time to show support for your brother without getting into revenge mode. Teach him how to own up to his mistake and to stop attempting to throw weight around that he DOESN'T have.

283 days ago


Famous heroin addict. Great to have friends who can score for you.

283 days ago


Itz a doggie dog world. Lindsay cool with Oprah now, an people using her to pump they own name up. I think Paris brotha did trash talk her, for publicity, or just to be mean, I don't know, but FA whateva reason Lindsay got pissed, cause she probably trying Ta get her life in orda, an iz tired of being used by others to get famous, so hopefully they can squash the $hit.

283 days ago


What a bunch of petty and pathetic douchebags.

283 days ago


I would like to hear a Brandon Update on the FireSnatch, eh?

He has a way with words!

283 days ago


Paris is about to hit 30! Old hag needs to hang up the skank crown

283 days ago


I bet this dude would love a firecrotch in his face with his g@y @ss lookin self

283 days ago

Mumra the Ever Living    

You TMZ people are idiots.
Lindsay Lohan's biggest enemy is herself.

283 days ago

Ashley Miller    

I would LOVE to see Brandon Davis "greasy bear" get beatdown i the middle of te street infornt of camers....... omebody needs to put this guy in his place and make him eat his words.

283 days ago


I'm courious.... What would Paris, Lindsey, and this guy Brandon all do if they had to work a regular job, and didnt have time for all this drama?? U guys r all rich, do somthing go to school or somthing and Paris hilton ain't exactly 21 anymore go have a couple kids and settle ur old ass down now!!! 💆

283 days ago


I can't wait till Dina tries to put her two cents in this. Both of these families are train wrecks. I love it.

283 days ago


Paris might be a herpie ridden shallow brain dead skank.but

283 days ago


WTF would ANYBODY want to go out with this dirty greasy low life guy who would trash ANY woman publicly and be so freaking vulgar. He has no respect for PH. He is a rich self important little punk who should be ignored. DAMN PH, you are too old for this stupid sheetz!!!

283 days ago
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