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Kevin Federline

Hit Me With a Baby One More Time

12/11/2013 5:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1211-kfed-victoria-baby-TMZKevin Federline is a lot of things, and one of them is fertile .... baby #6 is in the oven ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the fetus tell TMZ ... Kevin's wife, Victoria Prince, is 6 months pregnant with their second kid. Check out the photos and behold the subtleties -- Victoria is wearing a jersey that says "Juan Moore Federline 6."

Kevin famously has 2 kids with ex-wife Britney Spears, and 2 more with baby mama Shar Jackson.

He truly is Papa ZOW!



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Federline is a sperm spewer and he can always find a receptacle. If he remains true to form her number is up with #2 and he'll be moving on to spray a bit more sperm at some new stupid bltch in a few years.

294 days ago


Great ... more trash that he won't be able to raise or support properly. Idiocracy the do***entary continues.

294 days ago


Every woman on the planet knows he's a deadbeat, loser, and mooching gold-digger, but he can still get laid and can still knock up women? Damn. This proves that women are in fact stupid.

294 days ago


The taxpayers are probably funding four of these kids. I don't know who is worse -- him or the little dummies that pop out kids for this looser.

294 days ago


Occupation: professional baby's daddy.

294 days ago


OMG!! He needs to be split, clipped, tagged and bagged!! This guy is SOOO much like my Ex husband its sad! Thank God I was the first, I got out and NEVER looked back!!
I had had my girls, found out he cheated on me once in the 3 yrs we were married, I tossed him out on his ass, I got sole custody of my girls, then sued for child support and won because he brought his 6 mo. pregnant girlfriend to court ( needless to say, the female judge was PISSED!) and I never looked back. He now has a total of 9 kids .... yes, I said 9 children and has only paid for my two and he makes 125G /yr ....
Now, will someone PLEASE tell me WHAT is wrong with these 3 women that they feel the need to have a child/ children with this man?? ( and I use that term loosely) There has to be something seriously wrong w/ them that they feel the need to do this and then be like, "okay babe, you can stay home and watch the kids, while I work singing, dancing , modeling, or whatever and I'll pay all the bills plus give you an allowance, then when we slpit you can sue me for sole custody pf the children and call me unfit, because I worked and paid you to stay home and watch our children" I mean, Seriously, has not of these bimbos NOT learned from the other???

294 days ago


And after this one he will move on to another wifey and have two more... Then repeat, and repeat and repeat. He should be neutered.

294 days ago


Why should Britney have to pay for his kids ?. "GET A JOB MAN."

294 days ago


This pathetic idiot needs to be sterilized. 6 kids how to live?

293 days ago


he looks good. he's taking better care of himself and has lost a lot of weight. hope he keeps it up. good luck, kevin (and family).

293 days ago
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