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Paul Walker

Family Believes Road Bumps Sealed His Fate

12/11/2013 8:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Paul Walker
died after the speeding Porsche in which he was riding hydroplaned on reflective plastic markers in the street ... at least that's what his family and accident reconstruction experts believe.

Sources close to Paul's family tell TMZ ... the family has been in touch with stunt experts who have gone to the crash site and come back with what they believe is a solid theory -- a speeding car that hits the plastic markers -- called Botts' Dots -- will hydroplane, causing the driver to lose control.

We've learned the experts have told the family ... a car going speeds approaching 90 MPH will lose traction after hitting a series of Botts' Dots.  It's akin to driving on ice -- and  control is further compromised by the fact that the Porsche was outfitted with special racing tires that have very little tread.

And there's this ... Porsche sent out a memo to dealers back in 2004, warning about control problems with the Carrera GT, saying, "This vehicle cannot drive over a Foster Beer can that is lying on its side.  It will crush the can and damage the carbon fiber under panels," adding, "You need to be aware of what type of road surface you are on (dips, pot holes, seam heights, etc.)."

Law enforcement sources say they have not concluded the exact cause of the accident, but it appears they're looking at the Botts' Dots ... as a viable theory for triggering the fatal crash.



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Gillie Robbins    

Our days are numbered. There is nothing you can do about it. Maybe the accident will BAN the car. But as far as speed or whether or not he should of gotten into the car... It was their time to go. RIP Paul Walker/Roger Rodas.

261 days ago


The driver was going nuts on cold tires. Plus, if they were original 2005 tires, they'd be harder now. So, no matter how good a driver, cold and possibly old tires have poor traction until warmed up, which takes a while.

261 days ago


Let him rip damn u people dk when to stop

261 days ago


No tmz the "dots" didn't kill him. SPEEDING killed him.

261 days ago


Road light reflectors are not designed for sport cars traveling at high rates of speed. The family has no one to blame other then their son for driving recklessly and subsequently killing himself.

261 days ago


On that beautiful sunny day, anything was against St. Paul: the f.ucking street was not good enough for a proper race, the stupid trees just stood in the way, there was no run-off area at all (what were these stupid city planners thinking??) and no track marshals were available.
It really looks like that a lot people didn't do their job well, so that there could be proper inner city races without those unnecessary death traps!

261 days ago


I am a Paul Walker fan, but I have to disagree with this. So we are saying that the small bumps in the road "sealed his fate" and not the excessive speeds they were most likely going? What is wrong with people? That is like saying that when someone is hanged they don't die because of lack of air but because there was a double knot in the rope.

261 days ago


My mom lives in Santa Clarita. When I initially called her trying to confirm if the death reports were true. She said they have so many weird speed bumps by them that she believes cause accidents. She said that if they'd been speeding and hit one it was probably the cause. I was like what do you mean (I'm in Chicago and haven't visited yet) and she said I'd have to see them to know what she meanr. Crazy, reading this now! R.I.P. Paul & George

261 days ago


Here's an idea. Take full responsibility and stop searching for others to blame.
Also driving over 90 mph in a business park is reckless and stupid.

261 days ago


that's still bull. if you drive the limit you don't hit them. they were fast up the hill. i recoed too. they perhaps got a light axle onto the straight. all gassed. just look how long they speed that straight and going further into the curve rather then sliding out. perhaps they could have waited for the g-force. the weight shift. but it didn't happen. it overturned bad.

261 days ago


Paul was not driving people it was roger so you cant blame paul for speeding! Everybody makes mistakes and shows off for there friends! Unbelievable it was there last ride! Rip paul and roger!

261 days ago


Talk about making this siituation worse. Turn one tragedy into two. This has all the makings of the family making a wrongful death claim against the city and porsche. A jury will say they will do the right thing, but once family gets on the stand and starts crying and they talk about lost income, they will get millions. By the way, the state's share is taxpayer money. Tragedy X2

261 days ago


What sealed his fate is getting into a car with some clown who wants to show off...

This is nothing new...

261 days ago

Alan D.Hoffmann    

I suspected something like that, tracks are a controlled enviornment that allow low profile vehicals a degree of safety due to long greens and baricades that allow a vehical to decelerate. The street is no place to race, road debrie, animals, obsticals including other drivers make street racing a formula for disaster. If you take a 200 pound man and acellerate him to 100 mph, his total energy potentcail is are 20,000 pounds of force. Hitting a tree at that speed and suddenly stopping would instantly kill in most cases unless the safety devices can decelerate the occupant cussioning the abrupt stop. Like I told people on planes that were afraid of flying, its not the fall that kills you, its the sudden stop.

261 days ago

john flynn    

I think that car should not be street worthy.I don't understand how that car is allowed on the road.Part goverment and high speed that caused this horrible crash.

261 days ago
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