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'Real Housewives'

War over Real Racist Joke

12/11/2013 9:11 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF
TMZ Live


"Real Housewives" is the new "Big Brother" after Brandi Glanville cracked a racist joke about Black people and swimming. We're joined by the person Brandi directed it at -- Joyce Giraud -- who fires back at her foul-mouthed co-star.

Plus, Gisele Bundchen's a huge proponent of breastfeeding ... and she proved it by posting a pic of herself and her baby (in the act) -- WHILE she was getting done up for modeling. So, is her humble brag photo ... empowering or offensive to non-celeb moms?

And, Ben Affleck's shocking comments about Republican actors divides our newsroom -- did he shoot himself in the foot ... or make a good point?



(0:00) "Real Housewives" star Joyce Giraud joins us to pick apart Brandi Glanville for her racist comment.
(7:00) Paul Walker's death -- could have ultimately been caused by some tiny pieces of plastic.
(10:00) Ben Affleck says he gets taken out of a performance if he knows the actor is a big Republican ... igniting a major argument in the newsroom.
(15:00) Amanda Bynes out and about at Disneyland -- more signs she's getting better ... but some have their concerns.
(18:00) Gisele releases a photo of her breastfeeding at work -- and splits the newsroom.
(24:00) Pauly D sounds genuinely excited about being a father -- which brings up an interesting point about positive stereotypes.
(29:00) Kim Kardashian ripped for only giving 10% of proceeds of a sale to charity ... totally unfair?
(32:00) Cameron Diaz drops $9 million on a new pad ... a tiny new pad in NYC.
(36:00) The floor is yours!
(41:00) Our angriest viewers get a chance for revenge in this week's hate mail reading!

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Gisele has a man face

318 days ago


Regarding Gisele Bundchen's breastfeeding photo being empowering or offensive... neither. I no more would have thought twice about it than I would have about seeing a photo of a ficus plant.

318 days ago


Multitasking? She is nursing while everyone else is working on her who cares. Gosh these celebs and their need for attention.

318 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

The only thing that comes out of Raquel's breasts is Old English Malt Liquor

318 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

A street is not a speed course. He and his driver were at fault for their own death.
Luckily they didn't hit a pedestrian or his family would've blamed the victim.

318 days ago

Flying Blind    

for a lot of republicans, the train has left the station and they didn't get on.

318 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Well... GOPers are a turn-off. Remember Larry David on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

318 days ago

Chucky Mapoo    

Non-Tea Party Movement Repugs PANDER to the whim of ******gers. Don't be such an azz

318 days ago


That guy who didn't like Bat Kid is also a complete ignorant ******* about politics. #NoHope

318 days ago

Wow ...    

The public is exhausted of the K fam, especially Kim.

318 days ago


I can't believe that such a big deal has been made over Gisele breast feeding. So what if she is sitting there having her hair and nails done! Good on her! At least the kid hasn't been palmed off to a nanny!! Regardless of weather she is multitasking or not, she is giving her child the most nutritious thing for him..... Breast milk!!!! It is shallow minds that see this as offensive. Seriously people, it's 2013, not the 1950's!

317 days ago


I'm not sure who the guy is who was arguing with Harvey but he's dead dog wrong! And sounded as ill informed as Affleck.

Also, Liberals are not the only tolerant ones! It's maddening to listen to the interchange.

1. Not all players are tea party people. And, most people can't stand Sarah Palin--she's not representative of a true republican.

2. Lincoln was a republican and a liberator! So, let's remember this.

3. Republicans believe in a smaller role of the federal government and wish to leave more to the states. They also don't believe in inordinate taxation which liberals do. Obama is the biggest socialist, tax-and-spend in history.

The more interesting line of questioning would be what does Affleck object to so much?

I often sit with my DNC counter-parts in business. We agree on all but the role of Federal Gov't and taxes. Most REAL republicans are constitutionalists!! The homophobes that are mostly outraged are often southern democrats who are the least tolerant people around.

Who ever is the TMZ guy incorrectly opining about republicans should have not been stopped out. It just makes your show look stupid.

Oh and on the Gisele thing...who cares if it was staged. The woman can turn a nun. She's incredibly well put together and aspirational. Lighten up, I'd want that picture too if I look like that and had that life. I'm happy for her. C'mon.

317 days ago


The real issue with gisele and breast feeding in a nail/hair salon is the chemicals and vapors in the polish and hair applications the baby's system is being exposed to (its eyes, pores and inhailing.

317 days ago

The Truth    

Looking just at the facts of Kim’s 10% to charity.

Kim’s ebay account is Kims Closet Clothing Store. This is not a charity it is a place for her to make money and sell her stuff.

Under Ebay you can claim a certain sale is for charity under ebay. Kim does not own or operate a charity, period. There is not one registered with ebay or the IRS.

Kim uses the a company called Auction Cause to do the charity offering on ebay. What Auction Cause is really a marketing company that uses the guise of a charity auction to promote the Kardashian brand.

From auctioncause com
Auction Cause is the leader in cause marketing campaigns, branding, and fundraising on eBay. We've generated more than 1 billion media impressions and counting. By integrating our clients' campaigns with social media outreach using Twitter, Facebook, blogs, viral videos and more, Auction Cause is able to tap an even wider audience. The results are brand loyalty, nonprofit enthusiasm, and celebrity buzz

Money from sale. Example $1,000 sold, 2% to ebay ($20.00) 10% to the charity ($100) except Auction Clause takes 5% out of that ($50) so the charity gets $50.

Kim profits $900 from a $1000 sale.

So Kim has been using a company to promote herself and letting the charity pay for it.

The Truth Hurts

317 days ago


I don't understand why the hell anyone needs to show pictures of themselves breastfeeding or why anyone, including the posters on this board believe it's their RIGHT to show or tell anyone what the hell they should do. Maybe you should sit the Fcuk down and think of the many mothers out there who've miscarried a child or had a still born about how "PAINFUL" pictures like this are. This is something that should be private between mother and child. I'm all for breastfeeding, not out in public with all the perverts we have in this world.

317 days ago
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