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George Zimmerman

I Can Get My Guns Back

... and My Chewing Gum!

12/12/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11120-redesign-zimmerman-03George Zimmerman can finally be reunited with the arsenal of guns and ammo that was recently seized from his home, since he's no longer facing domestic violence charges ... officials tell TMZ.

The Seminole County Sheriff's office confirmed ... the case against Zimmerman was just dropped after his GF Samantha Scheibe backed off her story that George got violent with her back in November.

And no charges, means no reason for cops to keep the guns (and chewing gum) that were seized from his home following the initial alleged incident ... a cache that includes 3 handguns, a semiautomatic rifle and the shotgun that Scheibe had claimed Zimmerman used to threaten her. 

Here's the entire list of items seized:

•    3 Black Handgun Holsters
•    1 Pack of Gum
•    1 Religious Pendant
•    1 Flashlight
•    1 Pocket Knife
•    1 Sanitizing Wipe
•    2 cell phones
•    2 .223 rounds
•    8 9mm rounds
•    2 .40 caliber magazines with 8 rounds each
•    2 9mm magazines ( 1 with 14 rounds and 1 with 15 rounds )
•    1 Interarms .380 Handgun
•    2 Taurus 9mm Handgun
•    1 Glock 19 handgun
•    1 Kel-Tec 12 Gauge shotgun
•    13 12 Gauge Shotgun rounds
•    1 AR15 rifle
•    1 Soft Sided gun case
•    2 AR15 magazines
•    59 AR15 Rounds
•    1 Combination Lock

We're told George is now free to pick up his stuff whenever he wants -- but so far, he has NOT come by the station.  


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Lynn M    

She never said he was going to use the weapons. She just told police he had weapons. The police jumped to the conclusion he was brandishing.

282 days ago


As long as the guns are legally registered he has the right to own those guns. Last time I looked we still have the right to own guns, but I am sure all the left wing liberals are doing all they can to destroy that right. Who is going to protect the liberals when they need protection? Do they think they can call the cops and the cops will automatically show up and protect them from crime? We live in a violent country, protect yourself.

282 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Funny how TMZ failed to follow the story about the 2 teenagers younger then T.M. who walked up and shot an athlete(can't remember any names) just to watch him die. But how could a teenager be a threat to an adult!? Oh that's right they were black and he was white. What if he was gay, What then TMZ, huh WHAT THEN

282 days ago


Why this guy is in tv I hope he burn in hell Damn don't put noting of him in tv f··K him

282 days ago


This shouldnt be a gun issue. Have as many guns as you want to protect your family. The issue should be why he keeps not being charged with anything and why both his eyes touch.

282 days ago


That's far from being an arsenal, just over dramatization by a liberal media. Can't understand why your so afraid of firearms. Do some research, join a forum, go to a range. What you should rally about is the mental health issues and minimum sentence for violent crime instead of a pass for the entitled.

282 days ago


The number of guns isn't as disturbing as why he needs TWO cell phones?

282 days ago


He should be in jail.

282 days ago

bonnie bell    

the right to keep and bear arms 1689 1775 to current. along with a lot of things needs to be adjusted for todays crazy (no pun intended loose cannons

282 days ago


I'm not sure why everyone is so bent about guns. I can buy meat that was brutalized in factory farms, but I can't own a gun and get free range organic meat for my family and to donate to others?

282 days ago


hopefully he will use one of the guns to blow his own head off

282 days ago


His wife/ex-wife is going to wish she had pressed charges now. She'll be shot to death by him in no time.

282 days ago


During his trial last summer, we heard George's parents, uncle and neighbors all testify that he is a good guy and it was an accidental shooting. Where are these people now, and why are they not trying to counsel him and help him to make better choices? His father I believe is a retired judge, why doesn't he tell George that it is very foolish to keep an arsenal of weapons around? All Zimmerman needs is one hand
gun for protection and even that is questionable. Can't his father help him find a job or some vocational training so he does not have so much time on his hands to get into trouble.

282 days ago


The guns are legal - if they weren't, they wouldn't be released. So he owns guns; so what????

282 days ago


OMG. I really don't understand some people. This man (wait he's not a man) this jerk. Should NEVER be allowed to carry Any weapons. He's gonna kill AGAIN and then everybody in FL are gonna say " Oh we never saw that coming" PLEASE!!!M!

282 days ago
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