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George Zimmerman

I Can Get My Guns Back

... and My Chewing Gum!

12/12/2013 7:50 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

11120-redesign-zimmerman-03George Zimmerman can finally be reunited with the arsenal of guns and ammo that was recently seized from his home, since he's no longer facing domestic violence charges ... officials tell TMZ.

The Seminole County Sheriff's office confirmed ... the case against Zimmerman was just dropped after his GF Samantha Scheibe backed off her story that George got violent with her back in November.

And no charges, means no reason for cops to keep the guns (and chewing gum) that were seized from his home following the initial alleged incident ... a cache that includes 3 handguns, a semiautomatic rifle and the shotgun that Scheibe had claimed Zimmerman used to threaten her. 

Here's the entire list of items seized:

•    3 Black Handgun Holsters
•    1 Pack of Gum
•    1 Religious Pendant
•    1 Flashlight
•    1 Pocket Knife
•    1 Sanitizing Wipe
•    2 cell phones
•    2 .223 rounds
•    8 9mm rounds
•    2 .40 caliber magazines with 8 rounds each
•    2 9mm magazines ( 1 with 14 rounds and 1 with 15 rounds )
•    1 Interarms .380 Handgun
•    2 Taurus 9mm Handgun
•    1 Glock 19 handgun
•    1 Kel-Tec 12 Gauge shotgun
•    13 12 Gauge Shotgun rounds
•    1 AR15 rifle
•    1 Soft Sided gun case
•    2 AR15 magazines
•    59 AR15 Rounds
•    1 Combination Lock

We're told George is now free to pick up his stuff whenever he wants -- but so far, he has NOT come by the station.  


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TrY Martin played the Knockout Game One Last Time...
Shoulda Saved a Nickel, Shoulda Saved a Dime...
Now He's Gone Where No One Can See...
In a Dark Smoky Hole Is Where He BE...!

254 days ago

Robert j    

Even tho George Zimmerman zoom was found innocent of all charges in the Trayvon Martins aying and of his girl friend, girlfriend charges how do the judicial system decide to return an arsenal of weapons and ammunition

254 days ago


At least he's not a gun nut who might go out & shoot someone. Whew!

254 days ago

Robert j    

I would like to know how was the Arsenal weapons and ammunition returned to george Zimmerman after being found not guilty i the Trayvon Martin, and the incident with his girlfriend how can a judicial system or judge return such arsenal of weapons to a person of this character?

254 days ago

Ozzie X    

He'll be killing someone soon and it will all fall back on the incompatent court system.

254 days ago


This Idiot should never be allowed to get his guns back or be able to buy another gun AGAIN!!!!

254 days ago


Good, people are so quick to jump to judgement. I know man people who own numerous weapons.. It is legal.

254 days ago

You gotta be kidding.....    

I understand his right under the constitution but why would he need all those guns? I heard reason for owning a gun is for protection, but this is going overboard!

254 days ago


AR15 rounds are the same as .223 unless the gun only fires .556.

254 days ago

Gsharon 710    

The lawmen don't trust Zimmerman. They know his life will be one of looking over the shoulder. Zimmerman is not the only one who deserve protection. Zimmerman, leave your world of "in love females and armless teens", and try that chit again. Why do people look over the fact that he was told to, STAY IN HIS CAR????

254 days ago

Ozzie X    

I believe in having a hand gun for protection, but not an arsenal. I own a rifle for pheasant hunting but I'm not a jackarse about it.

254 days ago

Politico Pablo    

We now know where George spends all his money. The guy could open up a gun store.

254 days ago


Well, I have just as many guns..Its always good to have a back up for a I live reading all the Liberals that post on TMZ saying we "shouldnt be allowed" to have so many are Americans and WE can have as many guns as we can carry! God bless the USA and Im very happy fpr G.Z.

254 days ago


Why does this idiot keep so many guns? After what he did they should revoke all of them

254 days ago

Creep Doggie Log    

It's funny how a small number of pedestrian firearms looks like a scary arsenal to some people.

254 days ago
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