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Khloe Kardashian

Lamar's Cheating Rap Was Last Straw

12/12/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Khloe Kardashian is done with Lamar Odom, and the final straw was the alcohol/drug-fueled rap song in which Lamar brags about cheating on her.

The pictures tell the story ... on Nov 23, Khloe was in Australia, boarding a plane for the U.S.  She was wearing her wedding ring.

Khloe didn't know it, but TMZ had just posted a video of Lamar Odom, in which her hubby is clearly under the influence of something, rapping about infidelity -- "And when Khloe's out of town I still be on the DL."

Sources connected to Khloe say she found out about the video on the plane and went ballistic.  When she landed she was hiding her left hand in her purse.  Two days later, the ring was gone and she hasn't worn it since.

As we previously reported, Khloe WILL divorce Lamar.  The question is when ... as far as we know, she hasn't decided when to pull the trigger.



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Like what the hell.. its almost 2014 and neither have filed for divorced on the other.. is lamar chicken to file for divorce ar is he acting too gentleman like to give her the chance to file for divorce.

why on earth would a 30 yearold woman like her with net worth of 11 million not divorce a man she kicked out back in june for drugs.?

why wont she file for divorce?? is she hoping to get pregnant by him and have a crack baby still so he pay her child support 18 years?

he dont wnat her and she dont want him so whats the continued online drama stories.. end it legally if you have ended it physically apart.

212 days ago

Johnny Carcinoma    

White and black trash. The Kartrashians have covered the color spectrum.

212 days ago


Last straw for The Clippers too! Druggie loser!

212 days ago


Run Lamar there is a Sasquatch looking for you. You are so right to leave this fake family. Get you life back together and "piss" on all of the Kartrashians. Smelly / hairy low life Armenians....

212 days ago

Don't believe the hype    

Shocker, "Lam-Lam" is craving something with "substance".

212 days ago


ole' boy Lamar cheated on his girl to get with Khloe, pssssst cheaters never change Khloe! now you're getting a taste of your own medicine, not so nice is it.

212 days ago


Why is this news now? Isn't that what you guys reported when the video came out in the first place? Slow news day or just filling out the obligatory Kardashian related post quota for the day?

212 days ago

Tim in SanBerdoo    

It's about time KK dumped that a-hole. I'm surprised she hadn't dumped him when he was too heavy into drugs!

212 days ago

BB not bb    

Down-low is an African American slang term[1] that refers to a subculture of men who usually identify as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner(s).[2][3][4][5] The term is also used to refer to a related sexual identity.

Serioiusly, I had my suspicions of this when she rushed home to spend time with him and he only wanted to spend time playing video games with his live in little white male friend. She was so mad and texting him to come to bed and he didn't care . She was very devoted to him and he just acted like she didn't mean all that much to him.

I think that she is nice girl and I feel bad that she married a dud who is mixed up and not really honest.

212 days ago


Neither of then file there's something else going on but it seems like they all have stick to strange lil boys (Scott,Kanye,Lamar o yea Bruce) :)

212 days ago


Shoot i'd tickle khloe's fort box!

212 days ago


Funny how most of you are laughing because he's cheating on her with another woman. I guess none of you heard what he "rapped" about it being on the DL. The DL is a term used predominately by black men who identify as heterosexual but have sex with men on the "DOWN LOW". Lamar isn't cheating with other women, he's sleeping with Bruce Jenner behind her back if anything!! Or maybe Kanye!!

212 days ago


Apparently, none of you have ever heard of the DL. Or "Down Low". A term used predominately by black men who identify themselves as heterosexual but have sex with other men on the "DOWN LOW". Lamar's not sleeping with other WOMEN...he's probably banging step-daddy Bruce...or maybe (and most likely) Kanye! Sucks for Khloe but since she's banging Scott on the side, she probably doesn't care too much.

212 days ago

juggalo 6    

Have we learned our lesson about dating "Brothas" yet stupid white broads?

212 days ago


Good News Lamar!

Now we can call you.... Lucky Lamar

Dump that PIG and her WHORE-DASHIAN Gang!

212 days ago
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