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Marlon Wayans

Bruce Jenner Should

'Get the Breasts Already'

12/13/2013 6:49 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Marlon Wayans believes Bruce Jenner's laryngeal shave is the first step toward becoming a woman -- but he's moving too slow -- telling Bruce, "Just get the breasts" already!!"

We broke the story, Bruce already consulted a plastic surgeon about reducing the size of his adam's apple -- though Bruce insists it's NOT the first step of gender reassignment, it's just because he doesn't like the way his throat looks.

Still, Marlon ain't buyin' Bruce's explanation -- and on his way out a "What the Funny" event he told us, "I think slowly but surely he's been turning himself into a woman all these years."

"Why don't Bruce Jenner just go and get the titties now ... just get the breasts."

In the end, Marlon says if Bruce continues down the surgery path ... "He's gonna look like me in 'White Chicks.'"

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Marlon is funny as hell! lmao! Get them titties Bruce!

314 days ago


Bruce what about the brand

314 days ago



314 days ago


OK TMZ camera guy, take it down a notch. Harvey, do you require your paps to mainline Red Bull before they go out on the street?! I mean, some of the videos are fun and everything but these camera guys have GOT to stop spazzing out so bad.

314 days ago


Any good names when he fully tranforms? Brenda?bobbi?beatris

314 days ago


Told yall, he has morphed into a very ugly lunch room lady

314 days ago

Waka Waka Waka    

I never realized people woke up in the morning looked in the mirror & said to themselves hummm I really don't like my neck today. Lmao..how does my neck look in this shirt..lol..babe tell me the truth does my trachea make my neck look fat.. Hahaha

314 days ago

Big D    

Damn, hasn't he had enough f'd up plastic surgery all ready. Such a girl

314 days ago


What an a**hole. Why do Americans seem to take such delight on tearing down others? Kids learn to be bullies by watching and listening to the adults. Lived in Florida for 20 years. I am so glad I got my family right out of the country. Now on the outside looking in I see what the rest of the world is seeing. Too many get off on being as insulting as possible. The law is tougher on the kids than it is the adults. Murderers and rapists released after serving only ten years but a 14 year old charged as an adult will get 20 years for having a gun, and he will have to serve 85%. Meanwhile the kids are listening to adults argue about their rights to carry guns so they can shoot and kill anyone who bothers them. A six year old suspended for "sexual harassment" for kissing a little girl on the hand. An 8 year old expelled for drawing pictures of what he wanted to be for Halloween, he drew a super hero, a solider and a ninja, he was expelled for "terroristic threats" because each figure had a weapon. A 5 year old hog tied and placed in back seat of cruiser. A 12 year old tassed in the back for running away from an officer. Every day there are a couple headlines of mass shooting sprees, parents killing their kids, perverts killing kids, child sex slave rings all over the country. Elderly people who worked hard all their lives end up homeless because one got sick and it took everything they had. People die simply because they had no insurance. To top it all off George Zimmerman gets another woman to lie for him and gets his arsenal of weapons back. The whole world is waiting to hear George has killed again. AND HE WILL

314 days ago


High and mighty TMZ bashing a possible transgender person... didnt see that one coming u **** sucking ***gots

314 days ago


And a big fat ass so he looks like the rest of them.

314 days ago


He could borrow rob jr. Saggy breast.that buffalo has had boobs for years

314 days ago


Yep that muthfuka fukced up his face

314 days ago


Just when you think the Kartrashians/Jenner Klan can't get any lower...THEY DO!

314 days ago


I'm sure Kris Jenner is brokering a TRANNY SEX TAPE for Bruce to star in post-op....

314 days ago
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