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George Zimmerman


I'm Done Standing My Ground!

12/14/2013 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


WARNING TO ALL U.S. CITIZENS OUTSIDE OF FLORIDA: George Zimmerman is leaving the Sunshine State for good, TMZ has learned ... and he might be heading for your neck of the woods.

As we reported, George has had about enough of Florida, primarily because he feels like he's become a sitting duck for the media and law enforcement to prey on him.

We're told he would have moved a lot sooner, but the domestic violence incident with his GF last month -- the one with the shotgun -- kept him on lockdown within State lines ... literally. He had to get an ankle monitor.

But now that his GF has recanted her claims and the charges have been dropped, Zimmerman's a free man once again ... a free man who can legally pack heat again ... and he's planning to make the big move in the next couple weeks.

As for where Zimmerman is headed -- he's not saying ... because he's still afraid for his safety after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


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Carol L    

Come to California George, where the police shoot first and ask questions later.

322 days ago

bitch please    

As somebody who lives in the Sunshine State I say GOOD F-ING RIDDENS Zimmerman, you POS!!

Don't come back!!

322 days ago


"... he feels like he's become a sitting duck..." Trayvon was the sitting duck, fool.

322 days ago


He better not come to Texas if he knows what's good for him....

322 days ago


Bet he goes to Texas..... LOOKOUT TEXAS.

322 days ago


Go to NY. Better chance of someone "standing their ground" and killing you, you POS.

322 days ago


Zimmie thinks geography is his problem? He'll kill again no matter where he lives.

Cowards are like that.

322 days ago


Next time we hear about him it will be that he blows his baby mama head off.

322 days ago


Good Riddance Murdering Latino in denial.

322 days ago


LEAVE.Lucky that he was found not guilty. Dumba@s. He finally realized that he is target? Really? After that trial, he should have went on stealth mode. Instead, he is causing problems, getting pulled over, beating up his girlfriend. Drawing more attention to an already volatile situation. Asking for it.

322 days ago

Mista steal yo hoe    

All you people need to shut the **** up about this guy jesus christ. All you ****in cry baby liberal *******s with your head so far up your ass, that you have to follow this mans every move via the damn internet! Trayvon ****ed with the wrong person is all thats a shame about the whole case. How the bout the phone call that trayvon made to his gf saying "hes gona kill a cracka" while zimmerman was in pursuit....**** that i woulda snuffed the kid too if he threatened my life.

322 days ago

Mista steal yo hoe    

Some of you idiots make it seem like if it was either your life or someone elses, youd just ****in lay there and die and not move a finger. If someone is physically assaulting me, and threatning to harm me or kill me, i would have done the same thing. This kid was up to no good and his life and photographs along with videos prove it all.

322 days ago


Good riddance! Don't let the door split know the rest!

322 days ago


Please don't come to Georgia

322 days ago


He seems like the type that should actually move to Arizona. People out there has his same attitude: Can't fight, but have an arrogant, big mouth that would get them killed if they didn't carry a gun. (Not talking about the natives of's the people that have MOVED there that have made that state so horrible.)

322 days ago
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