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George Zimmerman


I'm Done Standing My Ground!

12/14/2013 12:20 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF


WARNING TO ALL U.S. CITIZENS OUTSIDE OF FLORIDA: George Zimmerman is leaving the Sunshine State for good, TMZ has learned ... and he might be heading for your neck of the woods.

As we reported, George has had about enough of Florida, primarily because he feels like he's become a sitting duck for the media and law enforcement to prey on him.

We're told he would have moved a lot sooner, but the domestic violence incident with his GF last month -- the one with the shotgun -- kept him on lockdown within State lines ... literally. He had to get an ankle monitor.

But now that his GF has recanted her claims and the charges have been dropped, Zimmerman's a free man once again ... a free man who can legally pack heat again ... and he's planning to make the big move in the next couple weeks.

As for where Zimmerman is headed -- he's not saying ... because he's still afraid for his safety after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.


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I also think he should leave Florida. He should also leave that estranged wife of his behind and his new girlfriend.

310 days ago


He'll have a GIANT target on his back for the rest of his life because of his actions. He will never be safe and will never be respected or trusted ever again. His life is going to suck until the day Karma gets him. Sooner rather than latter so the rest of the world can live without fearing this killer being around them or their families!

310 days ago


They have something here in NY for him!

310 days ago


He thinks only Florida hates him well he's wrong..wherever he goes he's going to be recognized he stand out now that he looks fat...he had an incident that happened in Texas and me bring from Texas and our right to hold a concealed weapon he's probably headed here...well Zimmerman no one wants a child kilter here...where u can go n u would have no problems is hell where u belong!!

310 days ago


If he shows up in my neighborhood he won't last long.

310 days ago

Lovin life!!!    

Stay ur ass outta M.S

310 days ago

Vic Creed    

This guy better seek therapy or he's going to do himself in. Knowing you took the life of someone else's child has to weigh heavily on your psyche whether its justified or not.

310 days ago


He'll go to another "stand your ground" state for sure. Texas here he comes!

310 days ago


Trayvon Martin was a POS thug who got what was coming to him. George Zimmerman is a hero. The bitter tears of Obama dupes are fun to laugh at.

310 days ago


Zimmerman we don't want your kind in any part of the west

310 days ago


He just put that word out there to throw folks off the scent---Florida has his back.

310 days ago


Good, maybe he can move somewhere that will actually hold him a accountable for his idiotic ways. Florida is ridiculous!!

310 days ago

Matt m    

Thank God mr Zimmerman had a weapon or that savage thug might have killed him. Zimmerman for the white house 2016

310 days ago


He'd better do his research before he moves. Not every state has SYG laws and not every "Castle Doctrine" reads the same. Not only that, but ignorance of the law is no excuse.

310 days ago

Miss Bu    

well we know who his next victim will be

310 days ago
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