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Lamar to Khloe

No, I'm Leaving You!

12/14/2013 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lamar Odom
is as done with his marriage as Khloe Kardashian and wants to get married again STAT -- to his basketball career ... sources connected to Lamar tell TMZ.

We broke the story ... Khloe filed for divorce Friday, citing irreconcilable differences.  The last straw was Lamar shooting the rap video in which he bragged about cheating on Khloe.

Now get this ... Lamar blames the infidelity on his friends who are "supporting me the wrong way by bringing girls around."

Lamar also casts blame on Khloe ... telling his friends, "I can't be f**kin' with Khloe.  She brings out the bad side of me."

Lamar says he needs to "get married" to his basketball career and wants to ignore the past.

And that's the world according to Lamar Odom.


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On the downlow Lamar is gay

313 days ago

She's baaaack    

Doesn't he have a few offspring somewhere? Maybe he should count his blessings, get the hell away from that toxic group of whores and try to make amends with his own children.

313 days ago


Being around that NUTCASE family will ruin ANYONE! Just look at Bruce! He's turning into a female little by little! He already looks like one now!

313 days ago


Do you really think ROB & KHLOE were not participating with LAMAR?? Living in the same house for 4 years?? One episode showed all 3 of them in bed together! Perhaps ROB has gotten so fat because LAMAR left HIM. ROB really freaked out on the show because LAMAR didn't have time for HIM.
ROBS more than a little "funny".

313 days ago


Lamar - You get married to anything you want...other than a Kardashian.


313 days ago


He has kids and he clearly doesn't give a damn about them !!! Go take care of our children instead of chasing gold diggers like the Kardashians ... You hear Harry (ruuuuun while you can) anyway Omar go take Carr of your children they are the ones who deserve 100%of you sober and with the feet on the ground and not with those lunatics of the KK

313 days ago


Lamar also casts blame on Khloe ... telling his friends, "I can't be f**kin' with Khloe. She brings out the bad side of me."

Perhaps. But this is another perfect reason to NOT marry someone you just met, Lamar!! Maybe if you'd have gotten to know each other first, Khloe would have known you are just a broke down crack head at your core and you'd have known that she actually expected you to be a reasonable human being and stand up, adult, "partner" to her and her future.

Where does it say that she was just around to support YOUR failing career?? What did you bring to the table exactly?

What an epic embarrassment you ended up being to her when she simply tried to love your ghetto ass.

313 days ago


congrats Lamar for getting out of the brothel. It's about time.

313 days ago


Lamar you "CrackHead" ….. Live with it, she has another boo.

313 days ago


Lamer left khloe six months ago.. he just being a gentleman and let her file for divorce first..

what a dumb heading.. no, im leaving you khloe..

he left her a half a year ago

313 days ago


sad for Kloe after all she did to help Lamar. but also good for her now that she no longer has to deal with him any more . plus also Lamar is lucky he does not have to be part of the cray that is the kardasians any more. hope both find happiness again.

313 days ago

Your S&M Girlfriend    

He should run as far and as fast as he can from the reach of that family of filth.

313 days ago


Not buying this story until I hear it out of lamar mouth..tmz on the k trail they haven't reported not 1 story about khloe and her new boo matt ..who she been dating for months..I not a kardashian hater I loved khlomar marriage but come on now

313 days ago


Stop removing my post cause u know I'm tell the truth..stop making up stuff on him, khloe been cheating for months 2 and tmz haven't reported it cause they roll with the kkan

313 days ago


word is the new guy smacks around his women.. sasquatch wookie and hobbits

313 days ago
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