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Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards RUINED Christmas

12/16/2013 6:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

1215_charlie_denise_tmzDenise Richards is the Grinch who stole Christmas ... at least according to Charlie Sheen -- who's pissed at his ex-wife for pulling the plug on his holiday plans with their daughters.

Sources close to Sheen tell TMZ Denise informed Charlie this weekend she didn't want him to join her, Sam, and Lola on their family Christmas trip -- and didn't really explain why.

We're told the news sent Charlie into a tailspin since he's already not seeing twins Bob and Max this year for Christmas -- they'll be with temp guardian/Brooke Mueller's brother Scott.

Sheen lashed out at Denise by tweeting a pic of a chopped up baseball bat -- a souvenir from their wedding -- with the caption, "The lie is over. I'm done being treated like a relative with a one-way ticket. #DuhNeese."

1215_charlies_tweet_twitter_bannerOur sources say Denise is confused about Charlie's anger -- because as far as she's concerned ... he's still welcome to join her and the girls on the trip.

Clearly, that's not Charlie's understanding of the situation.

It's unclear how there could be such a huge communication gap, but our guess ... we're talking about Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards.


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Why does the cross section of the top of the bat look like salami?

282 days ago

john flynn    

Charlie she just took care of your other children for a year I think she deserves a break from The world of Charlie and the crazy that comes with it.

282 days ago


Did anyone else notice that is sausage shaped like a baseball bat and not an actual baseball bat...and that it would be impossible to cut a bat like that with a knife? duh

282 days ago


Denise probley dont want the kids around Charlie and his new girl friend because she was a porn star. i know i wouldt want my children around any porn stars

282 days ago


Hmmm .... I'm thinking that Denise didn't really want to invite Charlie to go with them on the Christmas trip because he does strange things like this with a big knife and a chopped up baseball bat.

It's a wee bit disturbing Charlie! It's like something you would see a serial killer do in some thriller movie. Denise doesn't want Charlie to do stuff that would upset her kids. Simple as that.

282 days ago


Charlie Sheen's family Christmas celebrations border on murder-suicide. I wish he'd invite the Kardashians.

282 days ago


Denise needs to hire more security and local law enforcement needs to take notice of this threat.

281 days ago


I'd side with Denise Richards any day. She's a saint for all that she's put up with in Dealing with Charlie and his circus of a life.

281 days ago

Pillsbury Pancakes    

Team Denise. The only possible way this woman could ruin Christmas is if she DIDN'T pop out of that giant present box wearing nothing but pasties and a gstring!

281 days ago


Whenever Charlie starts binge-using he goes off on somebody. Ease down Charlie, or I should say "slow down".

281 days ago


so did she tell him she didn't want him to come and didn't tell him why or was he still welcome to come. I am confused too.
.....a baseball bat wedding souvenir?? What am I missing here?

281 days ago


My guess is -- Denise didn't want to hang with the pornographic wh. ore that Charlie is seeing at the moment.. and she didn't want her daughters hanging with the s l u ... t.. either. Who could blame her? Last time Denise hung out with Charlie and his wh . o . re brigade -- it didn't turn out so hot..

281 days ago


The truth is that Charlie Sheen has no business whining about his visitation or what either of his ex-wives do. He's shown no interest in cleaning up his own act so he could care for the children, so he can suck it up! Maybe if he gave up drugs and porn stars and tried to live a respectable live, someone would give a crap what he thinks.

281 days ago


Yo Charlie -- if you're reading this.. Go to rehab.. get clean.. start dating respectable women who are around your age -- not old enough to be your child.. Once you clean up your life --- Denise WILL definitely allow you to be around your children any time you want.. and you might get custody of Bob and Max.. and your children will no longer be in danger..
If you can't give up the wh. ores who are young enough to be your child.. and drugs.. then you will ALWAYS be treated like a "relative with a one way ticket".. CLEAN UP YOUR LIFE, FINALLY.. FOR THE SAKE OF YOUR KIDS, DUDE.. IT'S NOT THAT HARD. STOP BEING A SELFISH A-- HOLE!

281 days ago


Whatever, dude.

281 days ago
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