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Kanye West

Yeah, I'm Arrogant As Hell

But I'm Doing it For You

12/16/2013 8:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kanye West is painfully aware Kanye has a gigantic ego, but claims it's not because Kanye is into himself ... it's all for his fans. What a giver. 

Ye went on a rant over the weekend in Anaheim, telling fans the media has him all wrong when they say he acts out because he wants to look "doper." 

The ever-humble fiance of Kim Kardashian added, he doesn't "give a f**k about looking cool" or being dope ... because he's been dope "since age motherf**king 5."

But you gotta hear his excuse for acting like an arrogant jerk ... because, basically, he's saying it's your fault.


No Avatar


Dude your 15 minutes are way up...

309 days ago

Jules Destaing    

Take the mask off - or are you 'LIP SYNCHING' ?????

309 days ago


Why do any of these sideshow freaks merit attention?

309 days ago


It's not about me it's about you. Where did this guy who dresses like a hobo and can barely speak English get that from? Like Kim?

309 days ago


I always see this guy as a weakling, who uses swagger and his big mouth in order to look tough. He has those chubby chipmunk cheeks and those pouty lips and he is always sulking. Not very manly. Not at all scary. Just kind of a big joke....on him.

309 days ago


I think someone needs to pop his swelled head before he floats away. On second thought...

309 days ago


Don't do us a favor Kanye, I do not need you to be arrogant for me and I doubt anybody needs him to be arrogant for them. The only person Kanye is arrogant for is himself and he can go and get lost IMHO as long as he has this kind of an attitude.

309 days ago

charlei harper    

somebody is just asking for an ass kicking...

309 days ago

arale norimaki    


309 days ago


If you are that ashamed of your music that you have to hide your face at your own concerts then you must even be ashamed of it. You suck, go die!!

309 days ago


Yeah , but he's still a gay fish.

309 days ago


Dumb A$$ Kanye's been taking DOPE since the age of 5!!!!! Both of them should get sucked into a sink hole, never to be seen or heard from again!!!!!!

309 days ago

Just My Opinion    

Well, this must be the only truthful thing he ever said about himself. Hats off to you, dude. Not too many people will admit they are a ignorant person. LOL

LOL Whom ever comes up with the title to these articles should be a comedian.

309 days ago


You people just don't get it ... this is YEEZUS! He's in sync with almighty God and you should be bowing down to Kanye at all times and kissing his feet!

Kanye is entitled to be a complete azzhole any time he feels like it. You losers should know your place and sing his praises at all times!

309 days ago


If you want to do something for "US" just vanish from the face of the earth...
Take all of the Kardashians with you and we will be forever grateful.

309 days ago
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