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Suge Knight

Call Me a Ni**a

Not An African American

12/16/2013 10:45 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Suge Knight is offended when people call him African American, because he's NOT African.  On the other hand, he doesn't have a problem with the word, "Ni**a."

Suge says it's offensive to label all Black people African American.  And he goes further ... he thinks it's ridiculous that only rappers can use the word, "Ni**a."  He thinks if it can be used by some, it should be used by all.

At first his theory sounds a little shocking, but maybe he has a point.

So we gotta ask...


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Do not judge by a few. There are over 15 million black people in this country who DO NOT agree. Calling us doctors or scientists or teacher etc, is what we should really be trying to attain.

206 days ago


We keep addressing what to call Black people....How about, Black

206 days ago


Really distasteful poll and I take personal offense to the question. Lets post a poll whether white people should be called Caucasians or honkeys possibly crackers even??? TMZ have some fuggin class and decorum.

206 days ago


In all seriousness this dude's a dumbass. "But Maybe he has a point" Really? What point is that? That we AREN'T African because we can't trace our roots back to individual families from the continent? OH GEE I'M SORRY, we would love to be more in touch with the continent or our people's origin, except for that whole kidnapping and enslaving- oh wait I'm not supposed to bring that up because talking about Slavery is a cop out for everything wrong with American Black people.

206 days ago


I don't like either I prefer black ,when white people are called European American ,then I'll be African American if they are just American the so am I

206 days ago


I pefer to be called mixed

206 days ago


Sell out

206 days ago


You know what we call a black man 'round these parts?

Whatever his name is.

206 days ago

Farrakhan Ashy Larry    

I wanna know who wrote this article.

206 days ago


This is utterly ridiculous!!! I'm offended TMZ would even take a poll on this kind of ignorance!!! I hate that this buffoon is even getting publicity with this statement seeing he hasn't done S**T since 1994.

206 days ago


I predicted this LONG AGO. Once everyone get used to using the term, “African American” then you will hear cries that it is offensive. How many once acceptable terms have we already gone through that are now labeled as offensive? Colored, Black, Negro. Now “African American” is offensive. The lie is that this is NOT about being offended, this is about drawing attention to themselves and playing victim. Trust me, in 20 years many Americans will think that it was the Klu Klux Klan that coined the term, “African American”.

206 days ago


No one should use the N-Word, not blacks, whites or any other race period!

206 days ago


So it's alright to call him a ****** now?

206 days ago


Not only is Suge Knight absolutely disgusting for promoting the word, but TMZ you people truly make me fn sick. Your post is beyond offensive, hours later it still remains. **** all of you im done with this site racist mother****ers

206 days ago


Hahaha I don't get why some black people call themselves the n word, why should it matter if it ends with as and not er its a disgusting word its like you have no dignity or something. God forbid a white person should use that word then you're a bigott, I'll never understand why you do it considering all the people who fought and died so you all can be treated like human beings.

206 days ago
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