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Charlie to Denise

Get Ready for a


12/17/2013 7:15 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen
vows to hit Denise Richards where it really hurts -- in the child support department, because he says he's going to court to get a judge to slash the amount she gets.

Charlie is telling friends ... a judge has NEVER signed off on his current child support agreement with Denise -- it was all agreed to privately.

Denise currently gets $55,000 a month in support for their 2 kids.  He's enraged that he's been so generous, and not just with child support.  Charlie says he shelled out $9 million for the home he bought for her -- specifically so their 2 girls could be close to him.

So Charlie is telling his buddies ... Denise is epically ungrateful because he says she's denying him the right to have XMAS morning with the girls.  He says she's actually taken away the girls' phones so they can't call him.

So Charlie's going to court.  Not only does he want child support reduced, he wants the judge to establish his iron-clad right to see his kids on specific holidays.



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Gsharon 710    

Ungrateful , baby acting azz. Is this silliness from drug or liquor , or pure?

278 days ago

She's baaaack    

The best thing that could happen for the daughters that he had with Denise is if he dies. With the Mueller woman it wouldn't make a difference because they've already created monsters of their two.

278 days ago


Why does this stuff get talked about in public? It's between them and the court.

278 days ago


charlie is one of thise.who you must kiss his ass or he throws a fit.see selma blair,see brooke,see richards. he buys her a house for the kids.then throws it up in her flash charlier you may be the kids dad.but you arent married to denise any more.meaning that she doesnt have to allow to yuo come along on vacations with HER parents and her kids

278 days ago


This is why you don't carry a snake down a Mountain.. then wonder why he bit you.

It's sad that he has to act this way after all she has done for him.

278 days ago


I feel sorry for Denise that she has to have this horrible creep in her life. It will never end, at least until the kids are grown. Charlie will never grow up.

278 days ago


Seriously what the hell is wrong with Charlie? Always causing drama and turmoil when he doesn't get his way. Last week Denise was a saint. Seems Charlie is the problem.

278 days ago


I'm in total agreement with the commenters saying the best thing that could happen with him is if he OD's, commits suicide or his drug and alcohol addled major organs fail. Attacking the only woman who ever provided him and his children with love and stability shows his true colors. Die Charlie.

278 days ago


Considering that the history of spending time at Christmas with the family includes battery and threats of murder against the kids' mother and Charlie being arrested why on earth would anyone want to spend a holiday with him unless he was masked and bound like Hanibal Lecter.

278 days ago

Lynn M    

If it is true Denise took the girl's cell phones away, perhaps it has nothing to do with Charlie. Perhaps she's doing some parenting. Or maybe Charlie is abusing his phone privileges. Either way, Denise deserves every penny she gets. I hope Charlie gets a huge slap down if he follows through with his threats. I wonder if this whole thing has to do with the women Charlie brings around the girls...or may want to.

278 days ago


I assume there is a reason he does not have or does not ask for custody of his kids….not the girls and oddly not the twins…

278 days ago


She can make as much money as she wants...........when she earns it.

278 days ago


I don't know these people...but just knowing she took on his other two kids when he and that other chick Brooke needed someone....alls she has gotten is greef for it...they are so mean and ungrateful tobher. Denise move out of the house....go to court get someone to sign off on child sipport on those kids...and tell noth those idiots to **** the fvck ip already!

278 days ago


The lesson: NEVER have kids with this jerk! The worst egotistical dad any kid can have. He can´t even let his kids have fun on Xmas but has to be the center of attention himself.

278 days ago


This clown needs serious mental help.

278 days ago
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